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condoms and dams

Some simple observations first:
It is possible to have a peferctly normal life with HIV.
People who are HIV-positive live almost as long as everyone else.
You can’t be infected with HIV in everyday situations. Absolutely not.
You can protect yourself during sexual encounters with condoms and prophylaxis. If you have HIV and take the medicine it is unlikely to transmit HIV.

Of course, these statements could be true on a global scale. But they aren’t, as they require solidarity and access to information, medicine and/or contraceptives. So we have to fight for access to medicine for everyone (not limited to HIV treatments, of course), we have to be solidary with others and not exclude others. Only together we can be strong!

In any case there’s no reason to avoid contact with people who are HIV-positive – at least not compared to other infections.

Having said all this we’ll influence a very tiny little part of all this now: save 15 % on dams and condoms in our shop today! By the way: We’ve got new condoms from Fair Squared which are produced under fair conditions.
And keep in mind: this stuff not only protects you from HIV – it is helpful against other STI, too …