500 € go to “Soli-Convoy Balkanroute”

roots of compassion donates € 500 to the soli-convoy on the balkan route: IN the picture you see a banner in Idomenei saying 'Open the borders'.

We believe that animal rights activism needs to be linked to other struggles as well. We can’t just care about animals and ignore everything else happening around us. Our fights must be intersectional if we want to be successful in the end. At least we should have the other struggles in mind when we fight for our cause – few groups will have the power to support every struggle, of course. So we were very impressed when we read that activists from an animal rights group who tirelessly fight factory farms called Mastanlagen Widerstand also support refugees on the balkan route. By the end of March they shared the news that a convoy would go to Idomenei again and they were still searching for donations. We took this opportunity and contributed 500 € from our Refugees Welcome donation pot.

Open the borders!