Three weeks in one posting…

We would like to tell you what was going on the last weekends, because we did all kinds of exciting stuff.

At the end of August we attended the Animal Liberation Congress which took place at the Castle of Lohra. Besides many interesting panel discussions, workshops, food for thought, talks and lectures we met a lot of really nice people. There are plans to release a DVD with recorded talks and writings soon. We will keep you posted.

One week later on September 6th we had a stall at the Vegan Festival in London. Unfortunately we can not give you a link for their website because of a Trojan Horse… you might just want to use a web search engine. The programme was very broad like last years and had a lot of intersting things to offer, e.g. workshops like: ‘Why should vegans and vegetarians be opposed to racism and fascism’ and ‘Veganism, Anarchism and Pacifism: Living compassionately’.

Last weekend the Freie Schule Leipzig (Free School of Leipzig) organized a charity run that Roots of Compassion supported. The kids are collecting money to attend the IDEC (International Democratic Education Conference) in Israel in April 2010. That is our (silent) starting signal for another project of Roots: We want to criticize the school system. Soon you will be able to find literature to Democratic Schools and Unschooling in our shop.

If you are interested already, check our link list here.