News from the ROC shop in August!

“Bacon had a mom” Hoodie

Preview to the Bacon had a mom hoodie - available soon!As days are getting shorter and noticeably colder, we started thinking about designs for this winter and here is our first result: Bacon had a mom“, printed on a heather grey hooded sweatshirt!

And for those of you waiting for the sold out womens shirt – small sizes are available again now and all other sizes will be available again soon!

roots of compassion cycling team!

Image of the new roots of compassion jersey from front and backThe time is ripe for the first all-vegan german cycling team! After our call for vegan cyclists via facebook last month, we are now proud to present the roots of compassion cycling team, ready to premiere at the „Münsterland Giro“ on October 3rd. If you want to be part of the team, just let us know by sending an email to

But it doesn’t matter where you live, because you can still ride in the new roots of compassion jersey to show your fellow cyclist friends that “you can’t stop veganism”! The jersey is available for pre-order now and will be shipped from september 1st!

New products

Image of the Tofu Monster Bag.During the last month we had a whole bunch of new stuff filling the shelves of our shop. We now have caps with a neatly printed vegan flower on them, our tofu monster is now frightening tofu makers around the world on a dark purple bag and as an ecological, healthy and money-saving alternative to sanitary pads and tampons we now offer the MeLuna, a menstrual cup available in different sizes and colors. Furthermore we got plenty new stickers, for example this social network-style action sticker to be spread – not only in your room! Also, gone for a long time and now back in stock, mugs! They really make the soy milk taste delicious 😉

New as well – crimethinc’s latest book Work analyzes our relationship to work, why it seems that we work more than ever and why we still end up poorer and our bosses richer. The book joins the rest of our crimethinc literature family, such as Recipes for Disaster, Evasion, Expect Resistance, Days of War, Nights of Love, Off the map and the rolling thunder magazine.

ROC on the road

Summer is almost over, but you can find us at these events:
13.08. – Veggie Street Day – Dortmund
21.08. – Vegan Festival – London
01.10-02.10. – Paris Vegan Day

News in June

Bacon had a mom Shirt

“Bacon had a mom” T-Shirt

This month we’re happy to present you the “Bacon had a mom” T-Shirt. It was designed by the awesome people at the Herbivore Clothing Company from Portland, USA. We already have a bunch of their stickers. The shirt is available in a unisex and a ‘womens’ cut.

Take On Shoe
Simple Shoes!

From now on we’re offering new shoe models from Simple Shoes!

If you’re a follower of our blog for some time this might surprise you. So far our position was that we only sell shoes from vegan manufacturers. But there are very few companies that exclusively produce vegan shoes and do so under socially and ecologically acceptable conditions. We stopped selling Blackspot shoes because their quality didn’t meet our standards anymore so we were standing without a convincing vegan alternative to Vegetarian Shoes.

We’ve received tons of requests for trendy vegan shoes, and after long discussions we’ve decided to add vegan shoe models from Simple Shoes to our stock. Simple Shoes currently also makes leather shoes but they impressed us with their commitments to sustainabilty: They mainly use recycled materials (e.g. old car tires, PET bottles and bike tires) and organically grown fabrics such as cotton and hemp. Social conditions also meet the standards we expect from our suppliers. You can find out more about Simple Shoes here.

Of course we hope that with an increased demand for their vegan shoe models, Simple Shoes will discern the signs of the times, change their strategy and manufacture vegan shoes only. For now we offer their shoe models “D-Solve Organic Cotton” and “Take on Elastic” and in late summer we’ll expand our stock further.

We’re interested in your opinion on the shoe producer issue und ask you to let us know if should you find any convincing vegan shoe producers.


Sissi At the animal sanctuary “Antitierbenutzungshof” lives the 20-years-old mare “Sissi” (german link), who has an extreme defective position of her right foreleg. She urgently needs surgery because her current condition is critical, since she can hardly walk. Unfortunately, the sanctuary cannot afford an operation like this. Therefore, they called out for a solidarity weekend for “Sissi”, which ROC supports. For every order that you place in our shop on June 18th and 19th, and that is paid until June 27th, 5 % of the order value will be donated to the sanctuary!

ROC on the road 2011

12.06. – Veggie Street Day – Stuttgart
15.07.-17.07. – International Animal Rights Gathering
22.07.-24.07. – Fluff Fest
30.07. – Vegan-vegetarisches Sommerfest Berlin
13.08. – Veggie Street Day – Dortmund
21.08. – Vegan Festival – London
01.10-02.10. – Paris Vegan Day

Some news and ‘Home’ premiere today!

Not much has happenend in the ROC headquarters this week, and since our week started on wednesday, its over already, haha!

But here is a quick update:
we haven’t had the chance to collect our latest print run from our screenprinter, so thats going to happen next week. The ‘Whales‘ and the ‘Tofu Monster‘ are almost sold out in fitted size but we hope to have them back in stock in about 2 weeks, fingers crossed!

We’re currently looking for new products that we’ll be launching in our upcoming newsletter on july 1st. We have quite a few ideas, so stay tuned 😉

Oh and by the way: today is world environment day and the world premiere of ‘Home‘ a documentary film that aims to change the way people see the planet and their impact on it. Directed by internationally renowned French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, produced by world famous director Luc Besson, the complete movie is available on YouTube until June 14th!