News from the ROC shop in August!

“Bacon had a mom” Hoodie

Preview to the Bacon had a mom hoodie - available soon!As days are getting shorter and noticeably colder, we started thinking about designs for this winter and here is our first result: Bacon had a mom“, printed on a heather grey hooded sweatshirt!

And for those of you waiting for the sold out womens shirt – small sizes are available again now and all other sizes will be available again soon!

roots of compassion cycling team!

Image of the new roots of compassion jersey from front and backThe time is ripe for the first all-vegan german cycling team! After our call for vegan cyclists via facebook last month, we are now proud to present the roots of compassion cycling team, ready to premiere at the „Münsterland Giro“ on October 3rd. If you want to be part of the team, just let us know by sending an email to

But it doesn’t matter where you live, because you can still ride in the new roots of compassion jersey to show your fellow cyclist friends that “you can’t stop veganism”! The jersey is available for pre-order now and will be shipped from september 1st!

New products

Image of the Tofu Monster Bag.During the last month we had a whole bunch of new stuff filling the shelves of our shop. We now have caps with a neatly printed vegan flower on them, our tofu monster is now frightening tofu makers around the world on a dark purple bag and as an ecological, healthy and money-saving alternative to sanitary pads and tampons we now offer the MeLuna, a menstrual cup available in different sizes and colors. Furthermore we got plenty new stickers, for example this social network-style action sticker to be spread – not only in your room! Also, gone for a long time and now back in stock, mugs! They really make the soy milk taste delicious 😉

New as well – crimethinc’s latest book Work analyzes our relationship to work, why it seems that we work more than ever and why we still end up poorer and our bosses richer. The book joins the rest of our crimethinc literature family, such as Recipes for Disaster, Evasion, Expect Resistance, Days of War, Nights of Love, Off the map and the rolling thunder magazine.

ROC on the road

Summer is almost over, but you can find us at these events:
13.08. – Veggie Street Day – Dortmund
21.08. – Vegan Festival – London
01.10-02.10. – Paris Vegan Day

Here comes the Newsletter!

The brand new V1 Blackspot Sneaker just arrived. The production was shifted from Portugal to Pakistan and the design changed a little bit. Of course, it is still certified fairly traded. You can get more information on the official Blackspot-Homepage soon.

We also had time to clean up our office and you can find all the stuff we found in our SALE. In our shop you can also discover brand new products: beanies, soy cubes, an ‘Antifascist Action’-flag, and lots more.

Oh and big news! The official world premiere of ‘EDGE- perspectives on drugfree culture’ the documentary on straight edge will take place in New York City, USA. You can find a list of all US movie tourdates and more info on

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Heaven and Hell

Like you already know, we were at the Fluff Fest in the Czech Republic two weeks ago; except a journey of 8 hours (one-way!) and an endless struggle against wind and weather – our tent had no chance – we had lots of fun. The vegan burgers were delicious like always, but we were just too tired for karaoke and the dance hall – no surprise!

Just the subsequent Saturday the 4th Veggie Street Day took place. You will find a detailed report, pictures and so on right here! Altogether 5.000 visitors came to the fair in Dortmund that day. Besides the Vegan Strength Team with Bodybuilding-World champion Alexander Dargatz and a terrific show of Kafkas, we saw willful polonaises through Burger King next door and last but not least Jana Wagenhuber who just escaped from Big-Brother-slammer. But there were lots of information about veganism and animal rights, vegan delights and, of course, the roots of compassion-stall. Furthermore we met a lot of nice people, among others members of the band Horns of Resistance from Wuppertal, Germany.

In addition we have some news from the ROC-HQ: The cookbook ‘Vegan lecker lecker!‘ is almost sold out, but no fear, we already organized the printing of the second edition. We have even more ideas for other cookbooks in our minds, but we won’t tell yet…