News and Shoe Sale!!

“Vegan means” T-Shirt

Summer is finally here and we have a new t-shirt in our shop. The shirt is made by Continental Clothing (earth positive quality!), and comes in a vintage washed design. Get ready for summer!

New belts: “Rabbit” and “We heart the ALF”
We designed new belts and now they are in the shop! Have a look …

Shoe Sale!
We have some phase-out shoe models on sale! Among others we’ve reduced the price for our Blackspot Sneakers. Oh and we also have a few of our T-Shirt Designs on special. Get them while you can!

New prices for shirts and hoodies
Unfortunately, from now on you’ll have to pay a little more for our clothing. Shirts will be 2 €uros more, our hoodies 2-3 €uros more. This step is necessary, because the prices for shirt and printing are a little higher. In addition to that, we’re in a situation where we’re trying to avoid all kinds of exploitation by selling only fairtrade products, but at the same time we’re exploiting ourselves by paying us very low wages. So we’re trying to improve this situation a little bit through this move.
Compared to the prices of other eco and fair trade brands, our prices are still at a quite low level.
We appreciate your understanding!

ROC on tour 2011
We’ve started to prepare for the festival season and thought we’d let you know when and where you can come to our stall this summer.
12.06. – Veggie Street Day – Stuttgart
15.07.-17.07. – International Animal Rights Gathering
13.08. – Veggie Street Day – Dortmund
21.08. – Vegan Festival – London

We’re looking forward to see you!

Stalls and Shirts

Hello hello.

We just came back from our 4 day trip to Fluff Fest in Czech Republic. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and had a little chat with us. We also had an open-air screening of EDGE with about 350 people on Sunday night which was really amazing.

The weekend before we went to the Veggie Street Day in Stuttgart, Germany. Besides bands, food, and information stalls there was a fashion show with roots of compassion apparel et al. The whole event was a huge success since a lot of passers-by seemed to be really interested in vegan food and animal rights. In two weeks, on August 14th, we’ll be at the Veggie Street Day in Dortmund with a stall.

It was your decision: The “We heart the ALF” Shirt came off as the odds-on winner of the vote we started 2 weeks ago!

And finally, we have the Tofu-Monster Shirt in all sizes back in stock. The new shirt is a bit shorter and has a slightly different shade of color than the old one.

Sincerely yours and rock on

Heaven and Hell

Like you already know, we were at the Fluff Fest in the Czech Republic two weeks ago; except a journey of 8 hours (one-way!) and an endless struggle against wind and weather – our tent had no chance – we had lots of fun. The vegan burgers were delicious like always, but we were just too tired for karaoke and the dance hall – no surprise!

Just the subsequent Saturday the 4th Veggie Street Day took place. You will find a detailed report, pictures and so on right here! Altogether 5.000 visitors came to the fair in Dortmund that day. Besides the Vegan Strength Team with Bodybuilding-World champion Alexander Dargatz and a terrific show of Kafkas, we saw willful polonaises through Burger King next door and last but not least Jana Wagenhuber who just escaped from Big-Brother-slammer. But there were lots of information about veganism and animal rights, vegan delights and, of course, the roots of compassion-stall. Furthermore we met a lot of nice people, among others members of the band Horns of Resistance from Wuppertal, Germany.

In addition we have some news from the ROC-HQ: The cookbook ‘Vegan lecker lecker!‘ is almost sold out, but no fear, we already organized the printing of the second edition. We have even more ideas for other cookbooks in our minds, but we won’t tell yet…

Le Tour de ROC!

Even though it seems that it is raining for ages, we decided to do a road trip to the FLUFF FESTIVAL in Pilzen (Czech Republic) today. Besides music, yummy burgers and the amazing public pool there will be an interesting entertaining social and cultural program during the whole weekend – and of course the Roots of Compassion-stall will be there too! So, come along and drop by for a chat.

We are looking forward to be at the annual VEGGIE STREET DAY at the Reinoldikirchplatz in Dortmund on August 1 – yeah! There are going to be lots of food, music and nice people.

The Shirt ‘How about I eat you‘ in black with grey printing is back in stock – very cool and foremost it is made out of 100 % organic cotton, fair trade and co2-neutral. Besides the pin ‘Antispeciest Action’ is available again. In the beginning of September at the latest we will have even more pins in our ROC-shop – please be patient.