Announcement: We will not reprint these shirts …

Picture of three shirts that soon won't be available at the roots of compassion online store

When we create a new design for shirts, we often don’t know if you will like the shirt or not. You don’t fancy everything we like, and the other way round. Maybe you just don’t like the design, or we printed it on the wrong colour (i. e. not black ­čÖé ), or we have been selling it for such a long time that everyone already has the shirt in his*her wardrobe. However, it’s not that sad because we have limited store capacity – and somewhere we have to store our new shirts in spring. We’re already planning our new shirts … ­čÖé

That’s why we have to announce that we’ll sell off the following shirts:

  • the “Meat is Murder”-T-Shirt;
  • the “Meat is dead”-T-Shirt;
  • and the “Racoon”-T-Shirt.

The last one we’ll put into the shop in a slightly different version because we first received several boxes with a little printing error. They are still standing in our cellar because it would’ve been stupid to throw away so many nice shirts. We’ll add them to our store soon.

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