We founded roots of compassion as a way to promote veganism and animal liberation. In 2001 we designed and printed the first badges and t-shirts. Together with yummy homemade chocolate cake and lots of leaflets we held stalls on concerts, protests and other events.

2003 we started our website In the beginning we had articles about veganism and animal rights / liberation, book reviews, interviews with bands, artists and activists as well as news on different topics.
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Austrian 9 free

The controversial pre-trial detention for a group of 9 austrian animal rights activists has been lifted today, following an order of the appelate court in vienna, austria.

Since the end of may the 9 activists (one had been released earlier) have been charged with “Forming a Criminal Organization,” under §278a StGB of the austrian penal code. The Appelate court explained that there is still a danger of commiting further crimes, but the pre-trial detention cannot be upheld if the expected penalties are in no relation to it.

The second reason for detention, danger of suppression of evidence is by law limited to two months, which have long expired.

The first activists have been set free already.



Wir werden in diesem Sommer noch Stände bei einigen Veranstaltungen machen.
Falls wir euch dorthin Schuhe bzw. andere Sachen mitbringen sollen, die wir gewöhnlich nicht mit zu Ständen nehmen oder wenn ihr für eure Gruppe eine größere Bestellung habt, sagt Bescheid.
Hier die Veranstaltungen:

* 25.-27. Juli FLUFF FEST, Pilzen (CZ)


* 07.-10. August ANTISPE KONGRESS Hannover

* 21.-24. August AR2008 INTERNATIONAL GATHERING Jönköping (Schweden)

* 06. September VEGGIE STREET DAY Dortmund

* 07. September LONDON VEGAN FESTIVAL London (UK)

(wird ggf. noch ergänzt)

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