New products!

Our move to our new warehouse, a heavy thunderstorm and several street festivals kept us very busy during the last weeks. However we found a couple of very nice and exciting new stuff, take a look :

picture of the baboo toothbrush


If you follow the general recommendation and replace your toothbrush every three months, you can imagine that the amount of plastic waste is huge regarding your whole life. But now there’s a stylish and environmentally-friendly toothbrush made of bamboo that will help you to reduce your plastic waste: The toothbrush by Ecobamboo is 100% biodegradable and so is the packaging which makes it suitable for composting. You can choose between hard, medium and soft bristles. The soft version is also available as a children’s toothbrush.

DVD – The Ghosts In Our Machine

The impressive documentary The Ghosts In Our Machine by Liz Marshall illustrates the suffering and the exploitation of animals in different ways.
The main questions is: Why are some animals, the so-called „pets“ and the wild and stray species, are regarded as worth loving and protecting whereas millions of other animals are being exploided for food, clothing, animal testings and entertainment? Those are the „ghosts“ living in the machine of our modern world. picture of DVD cover
Through the heart and lens of the photographer Jo-Anne McArthur (author of the brilliant book We Animals) the viewer gains an insight into the individual lives and stories of these „ghosts“.
Finally, the film raises the questions: Are non-human animals property to be owned and used, or are they sentient beings deserving of rights? Highly recommended for all (so far) non-vegan people.


Liberator Comics

Superhero*ines without superpower might be new to you, but if you have a soft spot for comics you will love the Liberator Comics by Matt Miner for sure.   Take part in their actions and follow the characters at their passionated defending for animal rights. We’ve got the full series in English.

picture of the chocolate bar


Giant bears like it big and need much space, thus it is only logical that you can buy the sweet and yummy gummi giant bears/ Riesenbärchen made by Beukos in the maxi version. Furthermore we expand our range of chocolate bars with the several delicious chocolate from Naturata like semi-sweet chocolate with 55 % cocoa, granatapfelgelee, dinkelkaffee and kakaosplitter.

What’s new?

Take a look at all the nice stuff we got new:

picture of Live and Let Live T-Shirts and hooded sweatshirt

new clothes

You can find a nice new design at our Shop: the hooded sweatshirt and T-Shirt to the documentary Live and Let Live by Marc Pierschel.  The backprint of the sweatshirts  is a foto of calf Mattis from the sanctuary Hof Butenland and a quote from Tom Regan: “You don’t exist for me, and I don’t exist for you.” The cotton is 100 % organic and was manufactured under fair conditions.

picture of the sticker: background ist striped with the colours of the german flag black, red and yellow, the writing is placed in front

action sticker

Action sticker against nationalism!

picture of the DVD cover




Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, a performing killer whale that killed several people while in captivity. Along the way, director-producer Gabriela Cowperthwaite compiles shocking footage and emotional interviews to explore the creature’s extraordinary nature, the species’ cruel treatment in captivity, the lives and losses of the trainers and the pressures brought to bear by the multi-billion dollar sea-park industry.


Abbildung des Buchcovers


We  is an ambitious project by Jo-Anne McArthur which documents, through photography, animals in the human environment. The title is intentionally broad in subject matter, interpretation and implication. The premise of the project is that humans are as much animal as the sentient beings we use for food, clothing, research, experimentation, work, entertainment, slavery and companionship. The goal of the project is to break down the barriers that humans have built which allow us to treat non-human animals as objects and not as sentient beings. The book We Animals presents a selection of pictures of the We project.


picture of the chocolate bar

chocolate bar

Addiction guaranteed! The chocolate bar by Vego has everything that a really good and tasty chocolate bar hopes to have: whole hazelnuts, chocolate thick as a thumb, delicate and soft in bite and… 1000 calories in each bar, perfect ! 🙂

dog and cat food

Also new in our shop: Benevo Duo. It’s is a complete and nutritionally balanced vegan food for cats and dogs.


New stuff in our shop – June edition

New shirts, new books, a new DVD, new stickers, a new shoe, new chocolate bars, everything new, newer, newer than ever!


picture shows our new shirts

Summer, sun, sunshine. Delighted by the weather these days we’re starting this summer with a new summer collection and bright new shirt colors (as often desired). As always all shirts are organic and fairtrade and available both in a small/waisted and large/loose cut.

Vegan ist immer besser, German for vegan is always better. Does it need more words?
Another rather unserious design is Tofu mit Geschmack, German for tasteful tofu (kinda hard to translate because it’s a wordplay which I’m not sure whether it works in English).
We love deconstruction! Nous aimons la déconstruction!
Featuring some cute little raccoons who express their distaste for war and violence in a rather radical way this design has been created by Hartmut Kiewert, of whom you can also find an art catalogue, postcards and posters in our shop. Check it out!

picture shows the No Meat Athlete book, jersey and T-Shirts

No Meat Athlete – Jersey and T-shirt

Finally our translation of Matt Fraziers best-selling guide to eating a plant-based diet and running distances most people don’t even like to drive is in print and will hit German book stores very soon!
Correspondingly you can now promote the idea of vegan power (and endurance) with a new No Meat Athlete Jersey and cotton T-shirt.

picture shows the DVD cover. The head of a cow in front of  blue sky.

Live and Let Live – DVD

From butcher to vegan chef, from factory farmer to farm sanctuary owner – Live and Let Live tells the stories of six individuals who decided to stop consuming animal products for different reasons and shows the impact the decision has had on their lives. Waiving brutal slaughterhouse scenes the feature documentary examines our relationship with animals, the history of veganism and the ethical, environmental and health reasons that move people to go vegan and is therefore particularly suited for educational purposes.

picture shows our new stickers


The infamous designs Bacon Had A Mom and Cow Hugger are now available in a different color combination. We also reworked our vegan superhero*heroine.

picture of the hiking boots

Hiking Boots

It took us quite a while to find a waterproof hiking boot that is not only vegan and produced under fair conditions but also looks pretty neat. The Ranger Hiking Boot has a one-piece upper, sewn-in bellows tongue, Hydro-tex water-resistant lining, nylon mid-sole, dual density Vibram sole. Worn literally all around the world, these vegan boots are made for walking.

picture of our new cutting boards

cutting boards

Have a look at these two new cutting boards with vegan message made from beech wood.


Another valuable addition to our shop: The Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group Newsletter March 2014 features numerous letters from political prisoners as well as an article about life after prison, especially the associated restrictions.

sweet bars

picture of our new sweet barsAbbildung der neuen Schokoriegel
We have some new bars for you and for us 😉 First, there are two new Lubs flavors, namely strawberry and green tea, as usual, sweetened without any added sugars.
Chocolate addicts get their money’s worth with Mini Moo bars. Replacing the discontinued bigger bars, there’s now Mini Moos: Original Organic Bar (tasted like “milk chocolate”) and Mini Moos: Lily-Lu’s Minty Moo.

New Stuff!

Our product range has been enriched by a lot of great stuff lately. But see for yourself:

Accessoires: patches, magnets, flags and a new stainless steel bottle

New patches from roots of compassion There are five new patch designs available in our shop. And what’s even better: they’re printed on GOTS-certified cotton which is organic and fair trade! We’re going to print all our designs on this fabric, for now we have reprinted Support the ALF and Veganism on it.

Magnet with a pentagram made of forksder Magnet zeigt ein typisches Facebookdesgin, jedoch mit Veganschriftzug

Two well-known designs, Praise Seitan and Vegan Social Network have been added to our assortment of magnets. Also just in: Flag Antihomophobe Aktion and the flag “Antispezisistische Aktion” on dark grey.
As it’s getting warmer and warmer outside, we also thought it would be high time for a new stainless steel bottle featuring the vegan flower design.New flags 'Antihomophobe Aktion' and 'Antispeziesistische Aktion'New grey bottle with a vegan flower print We chose a filling capacity of 1,2 l so you can stay hydrated even on longer trips or walks.


New vegan chocolates from Vivani

We’re known for our passion for vegan chocolate and we want to keep it that way. Which is why we now offer the extremely delicate Vivani chocolate bars in 6 different flavors, for example White Nougat Crisp . Organic, fairtrade, free of palm oil, relatively low-priced and sooo yummy!
In Germany it’s quite common for kids to stop by a kiosk after school to buy some caries-causing candy with the hard-won pocket-money. Bringing back these memories, the new cola bottles by Vantastic Foods really left a lasting impression on us and will probably replace Biona’s version. Some of you may have wondered what happened to vegan parmesan. Well, wonder no more, and try this new Parmezzano instead!

Sheer Glyde Dams


Good news for oral enthusiasts who like to play it safe: Sheer Glyde Dams, featuring 4 different colors and flavors, are especially designed as a barrier for use during oral sex (cunnilingus/anilingus).
New as well: Sante vitamin B12 toothpaste without fluoride.

Picture of vegan fertilizer


Store-bought fertilizer often contains nasty ingredients like hog hair, blood or bones. Not this one! Our vegan fertilizer for flowers and vegetables is made of vegetable and mineral raw materials that are pressed to mini-pellets. It can be even used for organic farming and comes in a 2,5 kg package.

recipe for banana waffles

When we asked for your feedback last year we learned that some of you would like us to enrich our blog with recipes for delicious vegan food.
Since our longstanding lunch classic “noodles and tomato sauce” gives way to other more sophisticated dishes with increased regularity, we plan to share some of these moments of culinary glory 😉 with you by posting the corresponding recipe and evidence photo here. And since we’ve published some german vegan cookbooks so far, we plan to share some of these recipes, too! (Which is much easier, because it’s just copy&paste 😉 )
This week: …

banana waffles

Thanks to the ripe bananas in this recipe the waffles taste pretty sweet, even though they don’t contain much refined sugar.


Ingredients for 8-10 waffles
4 tsp. soy flour or No Egg + 7 tbsp. water
200 g (a little more than 1 ⅔ cups) spelt flour
150 g (about 2/3 cup) plant-based margarine
40 g brown (1/5 cup) cane sugar
1 pck. baking powder or baking soda
3 bananas (the riper the sweeter)
300 ml (about 1 ¼ cups) plant-based milk

In a huge mixing bowl whisk together all ingredients except for bananas and milk. Mash the bananas with a fork and beat together with milk. Now combine all ingredients and set aside for 20 minutes. Now ladle the batter into a preheated and oiled (very important lest you want your waffles to rip apart) waffle iron. Cook the waffles until golden and crisp. Serve immediately.

New stuff!

Before the year draws to a close, we have added some more produts to our shop. Especially in the food section a lot has changed, but we also have new bags and stickers. But check it our yourself!
picture of two new bags


We can not get enough of bags with prints and present you two new ones. As usual, these bags are made from organic cotton and under fair labor conditions by Earth Positive. The black Freedom bag, as well as the leafgreen „Wait wat you whaaat?“ bag. Both printed by the local collective Fairdruckt.


picture shows new designs
We’ve had the stickers by Herbivore from Portland/USA since a while now, the slogans remained the same, but the designs are fresh!

picture of D3 can

Vitamin D3

If you have problems with your vitamin D levels during these winter days, you can now prevent a lack of vitamin D through Vitashine D3. The vitamin is guaranteed vegan and certified by the british Vegan Society.


picture of winter range

The small winter range: We don’t know whether on december 24th you’ll be celebrating the birthday of Ricky Martin, Christmas or the beginning of a few days off. But even if you’re not in the mood after all, you can still try our delicious winter sweets which perhaps might sweeten the occasional chilly evening. And the beauty of it all: the chocolate is completely fairtade and all items are palm oil free.
This includes the chocolate Christmas man by MooFree, or the animal rights activist in perfect winter camouflage with a beard and coat, hohoho ;). Also from MooFree are the luxurious caramel pralines that are definitely worth their price. In addition, there are 11 small chocolate figures in the Zero Zebra Winter Wonder, the chocolate snow man from Plamil and crispy spelt wafer rolls with cinnamon. And even though it is probably too late now, we still have a few reduced advent calendars in stock. Uses the chance and order a few calendars! Because then you’ll be able to open multiple doors on multiple calendars, and honestly, isn’t that something you’ve always dreamed of? Depending on when the calendar arrives, it might even be possible to open lots of doors on multiple calendars at the same time! The calculation is simple: more calendars, more chocolate, more snow on the 24th, more sun in the summer, more happiness in this world, hallelujah ;). Here you’ll find all the winter items at a glance.
In addition to these seasonal items we have new spreads from the ecovillage Sieben Linden with flavors like wild garlic tomato, hokkaido-sesame-curry and beetroot-horseradish. Also new – instant pudding powder from the company Biovegan with almond and caramel flavor and finally the sweet Tubi’s licorice.
Abbildung der AufstrichgläserAbbildung der PuddingtütenAbbildung der Lakritztüte

picture of calendar

Slingshot Calendar

Hooray, finally, the new Slingshot pocket calendar is here and completes this year’s pocket calendar collection in the usual diverse and colorful way.

new stuff

Once again we have broadened our product range a little. Here’s an overview of what’s new:


Temperatures are finally rising and we’re happy to announce 4 new shirt designs!

Not being as cute and friendly as usual, a giant hedgehog is tearing apart a gas station. We’re quite sure that biking is cool not only if you wear this shirt ;), Cars Kill, Ride a Bike!.

Introducing a new grass-green shirt Act Before It’s Too Late! we want to call attention to the logging of the Hambacher Forst by German energy supplier RWE to mine brown coal. The forest is one of the oldest and biggest in Germany and is planned to be fully cut down. A share of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt goes to the local protesters.

Some of you will remember having seen a whale on one of our shirts a while back. Now we have a worthy successor: the white whale of Moby Dick!

The world doesn’t need any weapons, it just needs love. And lots of it! Our All The Arms We Need shirt has been designed by Trouble X of “Keine Kunst Produktion”. Check out their collection that manages being critical and funny at the same time.


High Five! There’s also a new fridge magnet as well! I ♥ Tofu  Maybe you know the button or sticker version of this design featuring the high fiving tofu blocks, now you can stick it to one of your favorite places in the world ;). But careful: you can buy these in two versions that differ in thickness.

English literature

Abbildung der neuen Pamphlete

Three new English pamphlets provide you with delicious breakfast: The (All Day) Breakfast Scoffer, The Chip Butty Vegan and The Veggies Scoffer.

Abbildung der neuen englischen Buchtitel




Redefining Our Relationshipsis an advice on polyamorous relationships. Furthermore a new issue of the Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group Newsletter April brings you all the information on recent animal rights actions, while Against All Odds tells the story of the British ALF during the 1970s and 80s.

free brochure

kostenlos Broschüren

In everyday political life you are probably confronted with police and other repression forces more often than you would like. We don’t want these encounters to become a disaster for you. The Rote HIlfe e. V. offers a small, helpful brochure that can help you to prepare for such situations called What to do in case of fire? You’ll find many useful tips on how to deal with repression: preparing a demonstration, recommended behavior in case of attacks/infringement, house searches and arrests, penalty orders, taking of DNA etc.


Abbildung der drei neuen DVD Cover

  • If A Tree Falls. A Story Of The Earth Liberation Front is the remarkable story of the group’s rise and fall, told through the transformation and radicalization of one of its members, Daniel McGowan. Part coming-of-age tale, part cops-and-robbers thriller, the film interweaves a chronicle of McGowan facing life in prison with a dramatic investigation of the events that led to his involvement with the ELF.In der Dokumentation bekommt ihr einen Einblick über die Hintergründe der amerikanischen Umweltaktivistengruppe.
  • Bold Native is a daring piece of guerilla filmmaking that follows animal liberator and wanted domestic “terrorist” Charlie Cranehill as he attempts to put together a nationwide action. Meanwhile, his estranged father tries to find him before the FBI does, a young idealist campaigns for more humane treatment of farmed animals, and a woman from Charlie’s past threatens to undermine his plans.
  • Residenzpflicht is a documentary about the German residential obligation for refugees and their fight against this policy of exclusion. It puts this policy into a broader context of European fortress policy, colonial heritage and everyday-racism. The documentary is German and English, with subtitles in Arabic, German, English, Farsi, French, Portuguese and Turkish.


Recycling belts, shoe care and hair colors

Abbildung des Portmonnaies

Recycling at its best! Kinky Vegan from Dresden proves that there is an afterlife, at least for bicycle tires and tubes. Used parts are collected from around the city and then hand-made into these durable belts and wallets. By the way, if you’re interested in vegan BDSM-toys, you should have a look at the Kinky Vegan Store.
The Impregnation agent Protect & Care by Collonil is produced with hardly any chemical substances and about 90 % natural ingredients. It protects your shoes effectively from dirt and moisture.
All Star Gum is a vegan glue for repairing and individualizing shoes. It has been developed for repairing skate shoes but can also fix bike tires, textiles, rubber boats, table tennis rackets and a thousand things more.


Abbildung der Klebertube Abbildung der Sprühflasche
Abbildung der Tönungsdosen

Colourful, more colourful, Directions hair colour .
The Impregnation agent Protect & Care by Collonil is produced with hardly any chemical substances and about 90 % natural ingredients. It protects your shoes effectively from dirt and moisture.
All Star Gum ICE is a vegan glue for repairing and individualizing shoes. It has been developed for repairing skate shoes but can also fix bike tires, textiles, rubber boats, table tennis rackets and a thousand things more.


The chocolate we offer is now almost 100 % fair trade! Our newest goodies are Moo Free chocolate – crunchy banana, Moo Free chocolate – cranberries and Gummi Bears by Beuko.






animal Food

Animal Food by Feligourmet is easily accepted by cats. That’s why we added Feligourmet Schnurr and Feligourmet Miau to our assortment of vegan cat food.


new year, new stuff

Luckily the end of the world didn’t happen, and so we used the last few weeks to add a some new products to our shop, here is a little overview:
picture of our mink hoodie

new hoddie

Consistent with the ugly seasonal fashion of furcoats, we present our mink hoodie (women/unisex), as an alternative to reality. The design by Matt Gauck makes clear that minks, foxes and other fur bearing animals derserve to be free and nothing else – until every cage is empty!





pink bag shows star paw fist motiveyellow bag shows image of Angelas Davis und the quote 'radical simply means grasping things at the root'

bags and buttons

Colorful as usual we’ve added two more designs to our range of bags, because colorful is the new green! With the flamboyant, yellow bag with a quote and the portrait of Angela Davis you can make a clear statement what it means to be radical! We can also offer the classic paw-fist-star design on a pink! Bag.



We added 7 new designs to our range of buttons.
still loving tofu button veganism button direct action saves lifes button herbivore button kein gott fleischsalat button planet earth


patches and stickers

A whole range of patches as well as two more stickers with our well-known ‘Vegan means’ and ‘Racoon’ designs were added.
picture shows new patchespicture of the stickers including the line 'vegan means I don't eat wear or exploit animals' sticker shows a comic racoon

Abbildung Posters evolution of revolution, zwei Menschen mit Bolzenschneidern, davor befreite Tiere


The main theme of author and artist Hartmut Kiewert is the Humal-Animal-Relationship. We already have a a few items in our shop. And with the new Poster Evolution of Revolution we just added a new, pretty impressive piece of art.





picture of burger mixespicture of burger mixespicture of burger mixes
Last year we’ve tested a few new burgers and couldn’t agree on a favourite, so this time we added 3 new burger mixes to our shop. All really easy to make, just add water, let it sit for a while and fry it. You can also add onions or other vegetables to make them even more delicious, but this could be dangerous since it make them dissapear even faster! And afterwards, no one wants to take the blame.

All the best from the ROC HQ!
The ROC collective