roots of compassion on tour 2012

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27.05.Veggie Street Day Stuttgart
13.-15.07. – Int. Animal Rights Gathering
11.08.Veggie Street Day Dortmund
18.08.Vegan Vegetarisches Sommerfest Berlin
13.-16.09.International Animal Rights Conference
8.-9.12. – Vegan Christmas Fair Hannover

We hope to see many of you guys out there, although we reduced our international travelling!
Oh, and there are some really cool guys who want to sell some of our stuff in Sweden at Vegomassan Stockholm. Maybe one day we will come to Stockholm, too. But it’s soooo far away!

Announcement: Eating Meat. The Social Relationship of Humans and Animals and the Meaning of Meat

On July, 1st from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., a scientific conference about the social and cultural meanings and functions of the production and consumption of meat will take place at the University of Hamburg. It will be organized by the Group for Society and Animals Studies (GSA).

Various questions will be discussed by renowned speakers and by junior scientists:

  • Questions about the construction of “eatable” and “not-eatable” animals and the ambivalent constructions within the relation between humans and animals.
  • The role of media-related discourses and constructions about eating and producing meat as well as vegetarianism and veganism.
  • The importance of (the consumption of) meat within the symbological order.
  • Meat as expression of a violent relationship and associated strategies of normalisation and neutralisation.
  • The question about the societal genesis of indifference and empathy towards systematic violence against animals.

Most presentations will be in german.

Speakers will be: Prof. Dr. Klaus Petrus (University of Bern), Dr. Matthew Cole/Dr. Kate Stewart (University of Bristol), Dr. Karen Morgan (University of Cardiff), Prof. Dr. Peter Kunzmann (University of Jena), Renate Brucker, Melanie Bujok and many more.

All people interested in these topics are invited to the conference. Closing date is June, 27th.

The GSA was formed in 2010 as a project of students and university-goers as well as a professor of the University of Hamburg. The goal was to contribute to a broader discussion of the relationship between humans/society and animals in sociology. Despite the social relevance of this topic it has hardly been discussed broadly in german-speaking sociology.Therefore, the GSA is a competent contact point for research activities and for networking related to human-animal-studies.

Venue: University of Hamburg, ESA West 221, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1
Zeit: 01.07.2011, 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Closing date. 27.06.2011
Conference contribution: 20 Euros (Students 10 Euro), Vegan snacks and coffee/drinks included

Support the Antitierbenutzungshof!

From May 16th until June 10th there are going to be building weeks at the Antitierbenutzungshof. People who have got the time to help during this period are badly needed. Everybody will be able to help: carrying stuff, cooking, feeding the other animals at the farm. It would be great as well if there were people with technical skills as well!

The Antitierbenutzungshof (which means: no animals shall be used/exploited at this site) was founded in the beginning of 2008 by Daniel and Iris. They wanted to give themselves and all the other non-human animals they had saved from the slaughterhouse or really bad living conditions a new home. That means a lot of work, and help is always needed. So make use of your time in order to help, to meet nice people and to develop new perspectives on how the liberation of all animals can be achieved …

All helping hands can expect to find vegan catering, solar shower, compost toilets and programme while chilling out in the evenings.

Here you can find the homepage of the “Antitierbenutzungshof” (german).

If you do not have the time to be there in May or June, but you still want to help: check out this page (german). You can go there and help, send money or other useful stuff.

Busy times

Hello fellow vegans,

the Rabbit-Shirt as well as the How about I eat you-Shirt are finally available in all sizes – hooray!

Here we have some very interesting events for your iPhone calender or old-school diary:

From September 27th to October 3rd there will be the No Border Camp in Brussels. People from around the world will get together to share experiences and skills as well as organize actions. Please have a look at this homepage.

From October 8th to 10th the Anti-repression congress will take place in Hamburg. You can expect lectures of critical scientists, people working in media and representatives for political organisations and social movements from USA, Israel, UK, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. You can read all the details right here.

Thank you and ROC on!

ESCADA drops fur!

Howdy folks,

We’ve got some good news: After 2,5 years of heavily campaigning ESCADA finally announced to stop selling “farmed fur” products from now on. You can find all the news here.

Le Tour de ROC
This summer we will have stalls at various events:
– Veggie Street Day in Stuttgart, Germany on July 17th
– Fluff Fest in Pilzen, Czech Republic on July 23rd-25th
– Veggie Street Day in Dortmund, Germany on August 14th
– Ieper Fest in Ieper, Belgium on August 14th-15th

Book “Eating Animals”
We have a brand new book in our shop: “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer. You can find it right here.

Have a good week and enjoy the sun…

EDGE DVD, new bags, shirts, and food for your mind

Hip hop hooray! Finally, the DVD of Marc and Michi’s documentary EDGE – Drugfree Perspectives on Culture has arrived. The movie is in English, but of course there are 15 subtitles altogether. In the shop you have the opportunity to choose between the PAL and NTSC version. Here you can find out which format you need.

We have brand new super-chic bags in the colors green, black, red and blue. In addition our new shirts for the summer just arrived – pretty clothes with a decent message: EcoDefence, Animal Rights, Drop Fur, shirts against boredom, and for more risk, dreams and awareness. Yep, our designer was really creative!

Also, a lot is going on in the next weeks:

5th June / London: Action Against Animal Testing
The ‘Antispeciesist Action Tübingen’ in cooperation with ‘Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany’ will organize a community event as part of the campaign against animal testing on apes in the city of Tübingen .
You can expect information and food stalls, a huge demonstration, stage show and an evening party. For more information: Antispeciesist Action Tübingen, Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany

12th June / Berlin: Free Space Demonstration
The demonstration will take place in Berlin / Kreuzberg. The basic idea is to create an emancipatory, caring society. One step in this direction is the preservation and creation of free spaces.
Therefore, the demonstration is against the eviction order regarding the community space ‘Liebig 14th’. Check out: Liebig 14 and Freiraumdemo

18th June / Düsseldorf: Series of Lectures
Last but not least, a monthly series of workshops and lectures started recently in Düsseldorf.
All events will discuss veganism, animal liberation and animal rights. In June, for example, Andre Gamerschlag deals with the interconnection of speciesism, racism, sexism and capitalism.One month later Susann Witt-Stahl will talk about how to use the Critical Theory to free animals. Further information: Veganer Fortschritt

We wish you many fruitful discussions and lots of inspiration! Thank you for your attention.