The latest and some thoughts on vegan shoes

We finally have all patches in stock again. Especially those we haven’t had for a while, like ‘Break Free’ and ‘The silence ends’. Printed by the Fairdruckt collective from M├╝nster.

Spring Collection
We are still working on a few minor design changes, but we’ll be releasing our spring collection on April 2nd! The Shirts will be at the printer next week ­čÖé

Our sale is still on, and most of the stuff is already gone, but we still have a lot of Shirts from our older collections, like Make Hunting History, The true face of capitalism or End animal testing for only 12ÔéČ. These are the last ones for sure!

Every now and then we get a request from our customers to list more vegan shoes. There are quite a few companies now that produce under fair conditions and with recycled or organic materials. So, a good question!
We’ve discussed this issue a few times in our plenary, but we’ve come to the conclusion that we don’t want to support any companies directly or indirectly that sell leather products.
Someone might argue that the purchase of vegan products would increase the demand and thus increase the range of these products. That might be true, however the sales still support leather products indirectly, and thats something we don’t want to support at all. With Vegetarian Shoes we already have a cruelty-free company that might not always have the ‘latest styles’, but we are very satisfied with the quality of their shoes.
So we’ll stick to the vegan companies, and hereby officially request all other companies to drop leather.

Let us know your thoughts on the issue, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Sale, vegan Energy and Protest against ┬ž278a in Vienna


If you already noticed the countdown in our shop – from February 15th we’ll start our Spring Sale. Maybe its a little early, but fingers crossed that it will help with an early beginning of spring! We have a lot of t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and jackets, books, shoes and more. Single items, stuff with minor errors or old stock for really low prices.

Energy Supplier Change

We’ve been looking for a vegan and ecological energy supplier for a while now, since our current suppier, Lichtblick also offers Ecogas, which is derived from manure from factory farms, something we don’t want to support. Most of the German eco energy suppliers already offer or are planning to offer Ecogas, so the only alternative is Greenpeace Energy. At the moment their energy mix consists of Water and Windpower, however they told us that they also might use Ecogas for energy production at some point in the future. So we’ve decided to go with Greenpeace Energy as they seem to be the best option for now.

Shop news

The Blackspot V2 is available again from Adbusters, and we just ordered them, so next week we can offer all sizes again ­čÖé

SMASH ┬ž278ff ÔÇô Protest on Feb 27th in Vienna, Austria!

On March 2nd the lawsuit against the 10 previously detained activists will start. The protest is the kick-off for further actions and protests around the lawsuit. No matter what the outcome of the lawsuit will be, as long as the ┬ž278ff exists, the threat remains that leftists structures, groups, NGO’s etc. will be monitored and criminalized. So come to the protest because we’re all in the same boat.
When: Saturday Feb 27th, 1pm, Schottentor, Vienna, Austria

Some news and ‘Home’ premiere today!

Not much has happenend in the ROC headquarters this week, and since our week started on wednesday, its over already, haha!

But here is a quick update:
we haven’t had the chance to collect our latest print run from our screenprinter, so thats going to happen next week. The ‘Whales‘ and the ‘Tofu Monster‘ are almost sold out in fitted size but we hope to have them back in stock in about 2 weeks, fingers crossed!

We’re currently looking for new products that we’ll be launching in our upcoming newsletter on july 1st. We have quite a few ideas, so stay tuned ­čśë

Oh and by the way: today is world environment day and the world premiere of ‘Home‘ a documentary film that aims to change the way people see the planet and their impact on it. Directed by internationally renowned French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, produced by world famous director Luc Besson, the complete movie is available on YouTube until June 14th!

Summer, Sun, Chocolate!

We recently were visited by Simone from RAPUNZEL, since we’ll soon have new delicious organic chocolates like Cranberry Chili, Ginger and Truffel in our shop as well as other exquisite vegan delicacies.
Unfortunately our supplier for the climate neutral T-Shirts has a shortage of all our favourite colors, so a few of the new t-shirts are currently sold out, but we hope to have them in stock again by the end of this month! The “Freedom” shirt will be available in all sizes again next week.

The ROC team will be on the road again this summer:

13 June – Demo against animal testing lab COVANCE and the furtrade at ESCADA in M├╝nster, Germany.
25-29 June – ANIMAL RIGHTS GATHERING in Oslo, Norway
03-04 July – VAINSTREAM-Festival in M├╝nster, Germany
24-26 July – FLUFF FEST in Pilsen, Czech Republic
01 August – VEGGIE STREET DAY in Dortmund, Germany
06 September – VEGAN FESTIVAL in London, UK

Works on the upcoming feature length documentary ‘>EDGE – perspectives on drug free culture’ are in full swing and will be completed soon. EDGE will be shown on a movie tour in the US in october and in europe in november.