Shop news!

This time we don‘t have that many new items to introduce. But those we have are really worth mentioning. For example new sneakers and waterproof boots, tea from Scop Ti and new patches. Continue reading and see for yourself!

Boots from Shoezuu and new sneakers from Ethletic

new boots from Shoezuu and trainers from Ethletic

Make Meat History

New patches

We‘ve discovered a new fantastic fabric for patches which is Organic Canvas. It‘s not only robust but also made of 100 % organic cotton from Kirgizia, woven in Czech Republic and refined in Germany. We‘ve already reprinted a couple of old designs and a new one. Give it a try!

A picture of a ruin where chicken were slaughtered - but now they live there in freedom

Posters and post cards

If you thumbed through the new art book ANIMAL UTOPIA by Hartmut Kiewert you probably recognize the pictures from the new posters and post cards. If not it‘s high time! Look out for new images in our posters section and don‘t forget to look at the old ones, too. All of them are really something.

Tea from an occupied factory in France

Fralib, a Unilever daughter company in the South of France which used to produce Lipton-Tea, was supposed to be shut down in 2010. However, the workers didn‘t want to just give in and put up a fight instead. It lasted 1336 days, got abroad and succeeded in the end. In May 2014 the workers took over the production, started working as a cooperative and have made all the decisions on their own. Now they produce tea under fair conditions and meanwhile they also introduced an organic tea line. See? It‘s possible to resist and succeed! Let‘s drink (a cup of tea) to that.

Reading stuff

Eating Earth by Lisa Kemmerer

Now that you’ve made yourself comfortable with a cup of tea you‘re kind of lacking something to read right? 😉 So how about Eating Animals by Lisa Kemmerer? We‘ve mentioned her other books earlier – this one explores the environmental effects of animal agriculture, fishing, and hunting. Another newbie in the reading section is the new issue of the biannual journal ALF Supporters Group Newsletter. It provides you with info about the last six months, articles about police spies, the animal rights conference in Luxembourg and much more!

Household essentials

Vegan laundry dreams come true. The new washing powder by SUMA is animal testing-free and made from plant extracts and biodegradable ingredients. And it gets the job done!
In case you also hate doing the dishes and own one of those convenient dishwashers we even have dishwater tablets for you. Also vegan and eco-friendly. Choose between a small and a bigger package with 25 or 70 tablets.


Let‘s finish with nicer things. Einhorn condoms are new in stock!

New arrivals!

book cover of 'Animal Utopia' with the picture 'brothers from different mothers'

Animal Utopia is out now!

You’ve probably heard of Hartmut Kiewert by now and seen his pictures for example the artwork of the documentary The End of Meat. Hartmut is Germany’s first vegan painter. He uses completely animal-free materials, and through his large-format paintings he visualises what a world without animal exploitation might look like. In these imagined realities, humans and former farm animals meet face to face in shopping centres and cafés, perhaps sharing a picnic blanket or living room sofa as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
Kiewert’s utopian imagery provides an introduction to a controversial topic, inviting people to interact with animals in a new way, with empathy, and without pointing fingers or depicting brutal slaughterhouse scenes. Explanatory notes by art historian Jessica Ullrich and philosopher Hilal Sezgin provide context, embedding Kiewert’s work within a broader understanding of art history and current socio-political discourse.

Clothing that will keep you warm

Half of our collective wearing the new sweatshirts

In the last weeks we weren’t just sitting around scratching ourselves. We added new items to our clothing range such as Freedom hooded jackets with a fluffy lining – one of the best things that could happen to you in winter. Trust me. We also added new T-shirts and shirts.

Make compassion your fashion T-shirts worn by Sania and Sonja

Sania and Julia wearing the new organic and fair trade shirts

Denise wearing the VGN cap

Beanies? Beanies!

For a long time we wanted to silk-screen beanies that are organic and fair trade. Finally our wish came true!

Testrun: new gymbags and tote bags

In case you wonder why VGN-bags, VGN-gymbags and Fist-Paw-Star-gymbags are a bit more expensive than the other bags. The reason is simple: We used other bags that are in a better quality. The fabric is thicker and the handles are of higher quality. See it for yourself! And let us know what you think.

Veg Supreme made of Pineapple leather


How about a shoe with an upper made of pineapples, at least partly? Yeah, we are keen on it, especially because the material, so-called Pinatex, is bio-degradable. If this makes you curious check out the Pineapple Supreme.

2018 calendar of the animal sanctuary 'Erdlingshof'

Calenders and organizers – 2018 is approaching

Our collection of calenders and organizers is complete now. On the one hand, there is a wall calender with animals from the animal sanctuary Erdlingshof. Most of the proceeds will go to Erdlingshof. On the other hand, we have the terrific Slingshot organizers again!

Recommended reading

There are some new English books again … Let’s start with What A Fish knows. It’s an insightful piece that will forever change how we see our aquatic cousins, the goldfish included. Our second recommendation is: books by the philosopher-acitivst Lisa Kemmerer who writes about intersections between feminism and animal rights, environmental movement and animal rights movement.

A woman surrounded by animals

A flying elephant

Sister Species

Fun with fair trade condoms

Last piece of good news: Fair trade and vegan condoms! We added three sorts of Fair Squared to the shop: OriginalSensitive Dry and Ultra Thin. The condoms are made of fair trade material and they are vegan certified.
And last but not least: more latex-free condoms!

Our winter special is back! Side note: new stickers!

6 new action stickers

That's about the new German fascist party ...

a piglet and the question: Why vegan?

A mouse protests against animal experiments

Pictures of meat dishes and pictures of animals being killed for these dishes: The side that meat-eaters see, and the other side ...

chicken on an assembly line before shredding and the question: Why vegan?/Warum vegan?

Ist dein Appetit wichtiger als ein Leben? Sticker

Vegan winter treats

Winter Special's back: Booja Booja pralines and fruit in chocolate

It’s time for winterly vegan sweets again! A few novelties: Booja Booja Chilled Truffles and our beloved Voney in two varieties: “Glühwein” (glogg/Gluvine) and “Lebkuchen” (ginger bread). Perfect on bread but also great in tea or on pancakes 🙂

35 years of the Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group

Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group and Animal Rights Prisoner Support turn 35 this year. Read everything about their history in this new booklet.

Not that yummy in combination: Vegan butterscotch chews and descaler

Vegan butterscotch chews

Vegan butterscotch chews are quite popular in the scene in Germany and finally available through our little shop. For some of us this delicious vegan candy brings back childhood memories of sticky teeth and guilty pleasure.
Our new descaler by Vio.Me (occupied factory in Thessaloniki, Greece) can’t be used for dental hygiene but to clean everything else around your bathroom. As always vegan and free from animal testing.

Aphro-Ism, vegan spreads and other stuff

Food for Thought

Maybe you’ve already discovered the blog Black Vegans Rock? It was started by Aph Ko, who has now written the book Aphro-Ism together with her sister Syl Ko. In this book you’ll find a lively, asccessible and provocative collection of essays on Pop Culture, Feminism, and Black Veganism. The two sisters provide new theoretical frameworks on race, advocacy for nonhuman animals, and feminism. Using popular culture as a point of reference for their critiques, they engage in groundbreaking analysis of the compartmentalized nature of contemporary social movements, present new ways of understanding interconnected oppressions, and offer conceptual ways of moving forward expressive of Afrofuturism and black veganism.

Food for bellies

Soymilk powder

We’ve also added some stuff to our food range which might comfort your bellies. First of all, there are two new spreads by Sieben Linden Feinkost: Rocket Mustard Chili and
Spicy Parsnip. Yummy!
And second of all, there is something which might seem a bit strange to some of you: Soymilk Powder. But if you’ve ever travelled with your backpack or with your bike you might have an idea of what we’re talking about. It’s so annoying to carry a liter bottle of soymilk if you can have 100 g of this white powder instead!

More stuff

What else? We have bigger tubes of black Allstar Gum and bigger vegan condoms (supermax), too. That’s it 🙂

Sleeveless shirts, beachbody bags, vegan nougat cream, posters by Hartmut Kiewert …

New sleeveless shirts!

Daniel and Julia at the Muenster canal with the new sleeveless Freedom-Shirts

Deni and Daniel wearing the new light green tanktop with the cow asking: 'Wait, you eat whaaat???'

Every Body Is A Beachbody

the new tote bag 'Every body is a beachbody' at the beach

the new gymbag 'Every body is a beachbody' at the beach in Germany

Now on Blu-Ray!

Die Bucht


New posters by Hartmut Kiewert

Picture from Hartmut Kiewert: two children feeding pigs with apples

Picture from Hartmut Kiewert: Inside a Mall: People are shopping, but there are also cows, goats and birds in the mall

Picture from Hartmut Kiewert: Picnic with humans, pigs, cows and chicken

Picture from Hartmut Kiewert: Picnix next to a street, with humans and non-human animals together

Picture from Hartmut Kiewert: A sow is feeding her children in the woods next to a slaugtherhouse ruin.

We hope that you’ve read about the new art book Animal Utopia by the artist Hartmut Kiewert by now that we’re going to publish through our publishing house compasssion media in October. In both cases, here are some pictures by the artist that will be feautured in the book and are now also available on A2 posters in our shop.

Picture from Hartmut Kiewert: Calf


We’ve been waiting desperately for the new book “Captive”by Jo-Anne McArthur. Her photographs are quite impressive but also sad. Watch the video for a first impression and support the amazing work by Jo-Anne McArthur.

More reading matter

The new Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group Newsletter

The new Growing Green Magazins

If you’re into veganic growing and permaculture, the Growing Green Magazin is worth reading! Though it’s not too profound in terms of content it does offer a good overview about things that are happening and further reading.


We also have new stuff from Vio.Me, a collective from Thessaloniki in Greece, such as vegan washing powder made of ground white olive oil based soap. Using the powder you can easily make your own liquid soap or liquid laundry detergent, add any flavour you prefer and so on! You see where this is going, right? Another novelty is the glass cleaner which comes as a refill bottle.

Nougat cream!!!

Hell yeah, this is real. We’ve been looking for a choocolate spread that is vegan, organic, fairtrade AND free from palm oil and finally we found it. Not one, not two, but three! And they are delicious!


And last but not least something savory for everyone who’s not that much into sweets. The crackers in our shop are now made of spelt flour. You can choose between three flavors: olives, sundried tomatoes and rosmarin.

T-Shirts, Shoes, vegan dog food, stickers and more

T-shirts for a great summer!

Simon und Juli am Feld mit den neuen T-Shirts 'Shoot photos not animals'
Deni und Simon sitzen mit unseren neuen 'Every body is a beachbody-T-Shirts auf der Bank vor unserem Lager
Juli und Simon mit den neuen 'How much do you really love animals'-T-Shirts
Juli und Simon chillen auf der Bank und tragen dabei die neuen 'Herbivore'-T-Shirts.

Have you noticed our new T-shirts yet? If not, now is the time!
You know the deal: all T-Shirts are made of organic cotton, certified by the Fair Wear Foundation and printed by the Onbones Collective right here in Münster.

Ethical shoes by Ethletic

Red high cut sneaker from Ethletic

Fair Skater from Ethletic in green standing in the middle of a beautiful field

Fair Trainer from Ethletic. It's ocean blue with black cap, and it's standing in the middle of a flower field

New colors in our shoe selection! We added shoes by Ethletic to the store: the hi-cut Fair Trainer in cranberry red with a white cap, the low-cut Fair Trainer in ocean blue with a black cap and last but not least the Fair Skater in green. Plus, the previous low-cut Fair Trainer in ocean blue is available with a blue seam while supplies last.

What’s so special about these shoes you might wonder? They are produced under fair conditions in Pakistan, the cotton is certified organic and the natural rubber is FSC certified.

Low-cut vegan hiking shoes from ethical wares

Let’s go on a hike!

If you don’t like high cut walking shoes or if you’re going on a vacation where you want to hike but carry as little as possible you should check out the low-cut Kathmandu walking shoes by ethical WARES. These shoes are vegan, of course, and have a super comfy sole. They are made in Italy and available in sizes 35–48.

action stickers!

Roses are red, violets are blue. I want to smash Patriarchy with you.

Sticker asking: 'Did your food scream?'

The cove DVD

The cove is an insightful documentary about the dolphin slaughter in Japanese coast village Taiji.
After “Cathy“, one of the protagonists in “Flipper“, committed suicide in front of her trainer Ric O’Barry, he dedicated himself as an advocate on behalf of dolphins around the world. On the opposite site there’s a multi billion dollar industry that profits from the exploitation of marine mammals. What O’Barry discovers in Taiji is both brutal and shocking.

Fun between the sheets

Shouldn’t be missing. Which is why we added vegan lubricant and vanilla-flavored vegan dental dams to our assortment of vegan sex supplies (that up until now consisted of condoms and more dental dams). We wish you a lot of pleasure 😉

a pyramid of Vegdog cans

Vegan dog food

Fortunately there are more and more kinds of vegan dog food available! From now on we also carry cans by Vegdog in three variants: for adult dogs, elderly dogs and dogs who can be sensitive to food. Vegdog is a complete food, i. e. it contains all essential nutrients for dogs. To ensure this it was developed with vets.

By the way, this month we offer a discount on vegan snacks for dogs!

Vegan human food

Luckily there have been some new developments in this department as well. For example the incredibly delicious Nirwana Vegan by Rapunzel. Yum!

Jar of marigold voney

Also new: „Voney“ (vegan honey → voney) by Vegablum! You can use this vegan honey as a spread as well as sweetener for salad dressings, BBQ sauces, sweetener for tea or lemonade etc. Available as Daisy-Voney, Marigold-Voney and Dandelion-Voney with vanilla.

You people really seem to like vegan cheese blocks so we also included the corresponding slices: mild Jeezini Santi, hearty Jeezini Alpi and full-flavoured Jeezini Intens. From now on we also offer Jeezo Bianco, which tastes awesome in gratins, and a mouth-watering Parmesan alternative by Vegourmet.

Last but not least: soy medaillons are now also available in certified organic form.