Inside Fur

Inside Fur is one of Scandinavia’s most discussed documentaries of the last few years. Activists wanted to show that all the pictures they had taken so far in fur farms do not show “the bad guys”, but that they show the normal situation in almost every fur farm. In order to achieve that one activist pretended that he wanted to become a fur farmer. He was trained in several fur farms while taking pictures with a hidden camera …

These pictures should be screened in front of every shop that sells fur.

DVD and Blu-Ray.

New belts, aromatic soaps and more

Vegan belts

19 new vegan belts with various designs. anti-fascist, pro-vegan, feminist etc.

In January we were full of creative energy! The result: 19 new belt-designs! Well, not all of them are new, but the idea to put them on belts was new to us 😉
Anyway, our belt range is way better now and you can choose between lots of anti-fascist, feminist, vegan and anti-speciesist designs. We’re sure that you’ll find your favourite, too!

all the vegan soaps from Suma

Vegan soaps from Suma

As you might know we try not to sell products with palm oil. There’s only one exception from this rule: products from Vio.Me. The workers there occupied their factory and decided to produce cleaning products on their own. It was important to us to support their struggle, although many products include palm oil. But our new delivery of soaps showed that even their soap bars contain palm oil now, too. That’s why decided to offer you another option …
We’ve already had our eyes on soap bars from Suma for a while – and now we took the opportunity and added them to our range. And not just two or three soaps, but 12 sweet-smelling vegan soaps, that are palm-oil-free, cruelty-free and hand-made in the UK! It always smells soooo nice when we come closer to the shelves with these soaps! Geranium & Rose, Lavender & Lime, Cinnamon & Orange, Peppermint & Pine, etc.

Logo of Vio.Me

New cleaning agents from Vio.Me

News from Vio.Me! They created new cleaning agents, which offer you increased efficiency! Oh, and they’re without palm oil!! So, there’s the new washing-up liquid, and a new liquid laundry detergent. It’s amazing to see how these products become better and more sophisticated, produced by people who made construction materials before. They have to organize, they produce and develop this stuff, and they have to fight for their factory that the former owner wants to take away from them – after he had abandoned it before without paying wages he owed the workers …

B12 and a new fridge magnet

You need a higher amount of B12? We can offer you a higher dose now: Jarrow Methyl-B12 2.500!
Furthermore, there’s a new fridge magnet: Vegan Power!

What’s new?

It’s time for warm clothes!

the new warm jackets - organic and fair

These warm jackets are the perfect choice for cold and colder days! We tried them on during long meetings in our cold warehouse – they definitely keep you warm and they’re soooo soft and cuddly! 🙂 With an inner lining made from recycled polyester, fair trade and made of organic cotton, of course!

And for all of you who prefer layered clothing (or the “onion concept” as we call it in German 😉 ) we’ve got a beautiful new design – the animal rights compass! It’s based on the idea of a compass rose with the “directions” solidarity, empathy, love and respect. You can get it on a hoodie or on a jacket. Thanks again to the wonderful Onbones Collective for silk-screening.

Die neuen Jacken und Hoodies mit Tierrechts-Kompassrose

organic and fair sweatpants with the designs 'Riots Not Diets' or 'Paw, Fist, Star'

Get comfy!

You prefer your trousers to be soft and cozy? We get it – sweatpants are just so comfortable! That’s why we’re more than happy to announce that we finally found organic and fair trade sweatpants! We chose to print two designs on them. Wear your sweats and enjoy comfy moments on your couch, doing sports or whatever you prefer …

Get on your bike!

We redesigned the cycling kits together with the roots of compassion vegan cycling team and here you can see the result! Now we’ve got two jersey cuts: a straight one and a waisted one made of a ligher material. Of course, we’ve also changed the design of the cycling shorts (find here the unisex- and the women* version). The good thing is that you can combine new shorts and jerseys with the previous design versions.

the new jerseys and shorts for the roots of compassion vegan cycling team worn by Julia and Daniel
Queer Feminist Revolution Patch

Patch it: Queer-Feminist Revolution

We’ve reprinted some of the patches! Which means that – step by step – those patches will be printed on a heavier fabric and we’re quite happy about it! By the way one of the patches is new: Queer-Feminist Revolution.

Support other collectives!

We’ve just received a new delivery of detergents from Vio.Me in Greece! The delivery included four new products, two of the are already online: soap with lavender scent in 120 g or 250 g.
Furthermore, you can purchase the olive oil from be.collective in a 5-litre-can. Especially for those of you who use it a lot or just want to stock up. Although the price seems quite high it’s a good deal (cheaper than 6.7 small cans) 😉

Get inspired!

Projekt A – a journey to anarchist projects in Europe. When are YOU going to start a project?

Stay informed!

cover of the Growing Green Magazin

Cover of the ALF Supporters Group Newsletter

Enjoy good food!

Jeezo - vegan fake cheese

In December we started selling Jeezo from Vegourmet online. It’s a “fake” cheese that we’ve been selling in our warehouse to local customers for some years. As you might think we really dig these cheeses and we believe that many of you will too. Of course you can enjoy it on your bread but we’d really recommend you to try it on pizza, raclette and anything you put in the oven or under the grill. The cheese is free from palm oil – Vegourmet uses a mixture of coconut oil and shea butter which is more sustainable than just coconut oil.
Apart from that there’s also new chocolate in our shop: sugar-free chocolate from Birkengold. You can choose between bittersweet and bittersweet with hazelnuts. The chocolate is sweetened with xylit from sustainable cultivation, and they use fair-trade cocoa for it.

December News …

Hard To Port Hoodie presented by Sania and Juli

Hard To Port Hoodies

This year we’ve started to sell T-Shirts from Hard To Port. Hard To Port want to raise attention about whale hunting and aim on banning it. Currently they focus on the situation in Iceland. Until lately we only had the T-Shirts from Hard To Port, but now you can also find these beautiful navy-blue hoodies in our range! We’ll donate € 10.00 for every sold hoodie to Hard To Port! Brace yourself! Winter is coming …

Antispeciesist-Action-Flag and a new fridge magnet

Now available in english: the flag 'Antispeciesist Action'

Vegan Magnet: My Body is not a graveyard

ARIWA calendar 2017


Maybe you’ve already found the calendars for 2017. Now we’ve also the new wall calendar from Animal Rights Watch. With 12 pictures from various artists who fight for animal rights. Including an A5-poster by Hartmut Kiewert.

Almond Salted Caramel - vegan truffels from Booja Booja


Our Booja Booja range suddenly became a bit bigger: Now you can get the Almond Salted Caramel Truffles in a big box with six truffles, too. Chocolate, caramel and a little bit of salt …
Plus: dogs will find a new product in our range, too! The Pawtato Knots are available in Large now!