Winter is coming …

system change not climate change

System Change – Not Climate Change

To this day climate change may be one of the greatest environmental, social and economic threats facing the planet. The design was created by ausgeco2hlt. For every shirt and hoodie we donate 2 Euros to this campaign. For more info check out System Change, not Climate

Winter is here

Booja Booja Truffles

There’s no denying it: Temperatures that allow wearing a t-shirt are gone, fingers almost freeze off during bike rides, heaters are turned on and blankets dusted. Winter has begun and it makes us crave chocolate, which is why we listed two fine selections of Booja Booja Truffles. A few of the old variants have unfortunately been discontinued and will surely be missed. At least there is a new variant to tide over the loss, named Almond-Salted-Caramel (watch out, first addicts have been reported recenlty ;)).
Apart from that our winter assortment consists of: Marzipan Stars, Moo Free Figure with beard and coat, the infamous Ricky-Martin-Birthday-Calendar and cookies.

Plenty new colorful stickers!

It was high time for beautiful new vinyl stickers:

New stickers from roots of compassion

Moreover we felt like designing some new actionstickers!
„Antifant“ is an insult commonly used for antifascist activists in Germany so we reclaimed the term and proudly say: „Faschismus wegrüsseln!“ (roughly translates as „trunk away fascism!“) On top of this mondays are not responsible for capitalism, revolution has to be queerfeminist and animal rights interrelate with anarchism.

New actionstickers from roots of compassion

Posters by Hartmut Kiewert

Check out our posters! We have three new ones by our talented friend Hartmut Kiewert: Autumn, Meadow and Mountain. Also available now: Wir verlassen die Erde (we’re leaving the earth) in postcard-form.

Posters by Hartmut Kiewert

Slingshot Desk Planners - different colours

Calendars for 2017

Just in: new slingshot calendars! Upon request we also added the slightly bigger desk planner to this year’s assortment.

Autumn news

Wait, you eat whaaat???

Tees are back in new colors.

Sania and Deni wearing new 'Wait, you eat whaaat???'-T-shirts

Not your Mom – sleeveless shirt

To be honest, these Not your Mom shirts aren’t that new anymore. And it was warmer when they first came in. But hey, the shirts do still look good when you wear them indoor.

Deni and Daniel wearing chic sleeveless shirts with the design not your Mom, not your milk'

Lunette menstrual cup in orange

New menstrual cups

We’ve been looking for other menstrual cups for quite a while in order to find an alternative to MeLuna cups. Because not everyone feels comfortable with the chosen cup right away … Finally we discovered Lunette cups and decided to take them in. Lunette menstrual cups are made of medical silicone in Finland and available in two sizes: Model 1 is smaller and a bit softer, Model 2 is harder and better for people with a good pubococcygeus muscle.
What all menstrual cups have incommon: they produce way less waste since they can be used for many years, you save money and last but not least they are good for the vaginal flora …

Organizers 2017

Syndikal organizer and queerfeminist organizer

As the new year will be around the corner soon, it’s about time to think about a new organizer. So far the “Queerfeministischer Taschenkalender” and the “Syndikal Taschenkalender” (both in German) arrived. “Antifaschistischer Taschenkalender” and the small and big Slingshot organizers (yay, finally in English) will follow soon. Keep a lookout for those two.

Reading stuff

Besides the new organizers, there are also new zines and pamphlets in the shop.

  • The new XclusiveX fanzine is diverse as usual: tons of great interviews and articles in German and English. With much love and passion for DIY.
  • Learning Good Consent – the title already says what this zine is about. Worth reading!
  • The Reproduction of Daily Life deals with alienation and reproduction in everyday life. You don’t have to read Marx’ “Kapital” in order to think about “alienation”, “commodity fetishism” and “surplus value” …

Lots of new stuff: windbreakers, tanktops, longsleeves, shopping bags, hemp pesto …

Summer in Germany is a strange season: It’s sunny and stormy and rainy, hot and cold and … you probably get an idea what we’re aiming at. The following two items might turn out very useful at the moment.


The new windbreakers from roots of compassion, presented by Simon and Sonja

Light windbreakers made of recycled polyester, water-repellent.

“Artgerecht ist nur die Freiheit”-Tanktops

The tanktops have a new cut and we'll have them in grey, black and mixed red. IN the picture you see three roc-members enjoying the sun on a bench whie wearing the beautiful new tops

Frankly, some of us didn’t like the cut of the first tanktops that much. This one’s pretty much better! And it comes in three different colours! The slogan translates: only freedom is species-appropriate.

Two new black longsleeves with the following designs: 'Praise Seitan' and 'Kein Gott, kein Staat, kein Fleischsalat'

New longsleeves

These are the new longsleeves in our shop: Kein Gott, kein Staat, kein Fleischsalat and Praise Seitan – if you like the last one you should get it now because we won’t reprint this design anymore!

New colours for the 'Freedom'-T-shirt: red and black, worn by Julia and Alex standing in the field next to our door.

More colours again!

This time we are happy to present the Freedom-T-shirt in black and red. Of course, the tees are fair trade, organic and imprinted in Muenster!

… for shopping bags, too!

three pictures of the 'freedom' shopping bag in red, green and white
The 'Veganism Tree'-Design can be found on two new shopping bags now: grey and marine blue - the imprint is yellow again.

Now we have Freedom bags in three beautiful colours: green, red and white! And the Veganism design can be found on another kind of bag, made of recycled polyester and cotton. And again, you have the choice between two colours: grey and marine blue!

White All Star Gum – repair your shoes!

Our All Star Gum range has just become a little bit bigger! We thought that some of you might wear white shoes, or just like to fix their black shoes with white glue. So here it is: white All Star Gum.


We share our warehouse and office space with another publishing house: edition assemblage. They publish really interesting stuff – and they’re a collective, too! Amazing! 🙂 These days we’re very happy for them because Sharon Dodua Otoo won an important award for authors in Germany! She’s already written some books published by edition assemblage, and edited even more! So we decided to add her english books to our range, too!

'the things I am thinking while smiling politely' by Sharon Otoo
'Synchronicity' by Sharon Otoo
'Winter Shorts', a collection of short stories, edited by Sharon Otoo
'the little book of big visions' published by Sharon Otoo
the new Animal liberation Front Supporters Group Newsletter

Having the munchies?

We’ve got really, really yummy new vegan hemp spreads from a new producer: hanfwerk! Of course, we tested them before and (that’s rare) all of us liked them! And what’s even better: we also have hemp pesto now! Test them now – this month we offer you a 10 % discount!

the new spreads and pestos from Hanfwerk! In this picture you can see them all!

Further, we’ve already announced that some of our soy and seitan products would come from a new producer now soon. The time has come and those are the new items: seitan bulk pack, soy schnetzel fine and big (each 1 kg), as well as soy granulate (250 g)!

New shoes, colorful shirts and action stickers

Ethletic – fair trade sneakers and flip flops

New vegan and fairtrade shoes from ethletic - flip flops and chucks-like sneaker

This month we have expanded our range of footwear with fair trade shoes and flip flops from Ethletic!!


The shoes are all produced under fair conditions in Pakistan. The cotton is certified organic and the rubber is made of FSC certified natural rubber.
We made our way through the wide offer and have chosen the following patterns: black skate shoes with white soles, black high-cut chucks-like-shoes, and low-cut blue shoes. And because we wish it would already be summer, we actually collected three flip flops in three different colors: black/green, light/dark blue, and gray/beige.

Tees and tanktops in new colors

Several of our tees and tanktops are now available in different colors – so there’s hopefully something for everyone.

Artgerecht design

Three persons wearing the Not Food tees on a sunny day
Until all are free - three persons are wearing t-shirts in three different colors
Liberate T-Shirt, two persons are wearing tees in grey and mid heather red

Also new in stock: the bacon had a mom hoodie in a new straight cut.

New stickers

Capitalism at Work - sticker
Rassismus und Nationalismus sind keine Alternativen - Sticker gegen wuchernde rechte Stimmungen und Parteien
Eating Animals sticker - now transparent
Now transparent!


In order to provide you a better availability of soy products and seitan, we will gradually replace some items. Already new in:
fine soy schnetzels (500 g) und big soy chunks (1 kg). All organic!

Cleaning supplies and soaps from solidary production

Overview of soaps and detergents from Vio.Me

Drum roll please … !

We are very pleased to present you a new collection of soaps und cleaning supplies! They are from VIO.ME from Greece: a factory being occupied in 2011 and driven by autonomous workers since 2013. They produce cleaning supplies and soaps for the movement against capitalism.

In 2011 the factory was left by the former owning family and back wages were not paid. So from May 2011 on the workers didn’t receive their salaries anymore and decided to occupy the factory which from then on is driven by self-goverment and the rule of equal rights. In 2013 they got back to the grindstone and resumed the work. But instead of producing building materials, from now on they fabricate cleaning supplies and soaps as ecological as possible and with fair standards.

For sure, they encounter much resistance for that venture but they also get a plenty of solidarity within and outside the country. Today VIO.ME is one of the symbols of the struggle for dignity and a prime example of squatters against capitalism in the crisis-ridden Greece.

However, it is still too early to declare the end of what has been the crisis in this factory in recent years. VIO.ME is far from out of the woods yet: the former owners are back and made demand to liquidate the business regardless of their behavior in the past like f.i. the unpaid wages of its workforce.

VIO.ME needs your support! Please feel free to visit their blog. Lend an ear to their solidarity calls and buy their products as an act against capitalism.

New shoes, vegan dog food and a new documentary

Vegan Cheatah Sneakers from Vegetarian Shoes

Cheatah Sneakers

After having presented you a new shoe the other day, we added one more to the shop. This one is the Cheatah Sneaker which reminds us of a popular shoe by a well-known athletic footwear and apparel company. Of course the resemblance must be sheerly coincidental. Anyway! We are really fond of this sneaker – and hopefully so will you!
At the same time we have to discontinue the sneakers by Ahimsa, so there won’t be another resupply … But don’t be sad! There are plenty of other chic vegan shoes in our online store!

Sania, Juli und Simon wearing all the new colours of the Until all are free T-Shirt!

“Until all are free”-tees and “Open Cage” in fresh new colors

Oh the agony of choice! It’s always hard to pick a color which everyone likes. So now we just print our designs on different colors and hope there’s something for everyone. For example the Until all are free tees in black and burgundy.

Open Cage Tote Bag

Furthermore, you’ll find the open cage design on a navy blue tote bag. Unlike the old one it doesn’t have a button anymore but for that it’s way cheaper now.
The new outfit with shoes, tees and bags should be complete by now, right? Time to lean back and watch an interesting documentary – how about this one:

Wir sind alle §278a (in German with English subtitles)

The documentary Wir sind alle §278a revolves around animal rights activists in Austria who have been arrestested and faced a trial. This trial was not only against animal rights activism but about any activism in NGOs in general. Worth watching!

Vegan dog food

Nibble, nibble, gnaw, gnaw …

In case you’re getting a bit hungry now, make sure to check the latest flavor of the kvegks crackers: olives and herbs. So yummy!
And finally more good news for dogs. We have added further treats: chew bones, tubes, stickes and other snacks by both V-Dog and Benevo. Also new: V-Dog Crunchy Nuggets to fill up your dog’s bowl.