new year, new stuff

Luckily the end of the world didn’t happen, and so we used the last few weeks to add a some new products to our shop, here is a little overview:
picture of our mink hoodie

new hoddie

Consistent with the ugly seasonal fashion of furcoats, we present our mink hoodie (women/unisex), as an alternative to reality. The design by Matt Gauck makes clear that minks, foxes and other fur bearing animals derserve to be free and nothing else – until every cage is empty!





pink bag shows star paw fist motiveyellow bag shows image of Angelas Davis und the quote 'radical simply means grasping things at the root'

bags and buttons

Colorful as usual we’ve added two more designs to our range of bags, because colorful is the new green! With the flamboyant, yellow bag with a quote and the portrait of Angela Davis you can make a clear statement what it means to be radical! We can also offer the classic paw-fist-star design on a pink! Bag.



We added 7 new designs to our range of buttons.
still loving tofu button veganism button direct action saves lifes button herbivore button kein gott fleischsalat button planet earth


patches and stickers

A whole range of patches as well as two more stickers with our well-known ‘Vegan means’ and ‘Racoon’ designs were added.
picture shows new patchespicture of the stickers including the line 'vegan means I don't eat wear or exploit animals' sticker shows a comic racoon

Abbildung Posters evolution of revolution, zwei Menschen mit Bolzenschneidern, davor befreite Tiere


The main theme of author and artist Hartmut Kiewert is the Humal-Animal-Relationship. We already have a a few items in our shop. And with the new Poster Evolution of Revolution we just added a new, pretty impressive piece of art.





picture of burger mixespicture of burger mixespicture of burger mixes
Last year we’ve tested a few new burgers and couldn’t agree on a favourite, so this time we added 3 new burger mixes to our shop. All really easy to make, just add water, let it sit for a while and fry it. You can also add onions or other vegetables to make them even more delicious, but this could be dangerous since it make them dissapear even faster! And afterwards, no one wants to take the blame.

All the best from the ROC HQ!
The ROC collective

New products of the last 2 1/2 months …

Yet again it’s time for an update on what’s new in our shop. We were able to spare the time to add some stuff to our online shop that was only available in our local veganladen thus far.

picute of the roots of compassion running jersey

Running jersey

Unfortunately our manufacturer has changed the cut of all jerseys so we now offer a running jersey without zipper and back pocket. Still looks fly, we think 🙂

Winter clothing

The new Liberation hooded jacket, dark greynew hoodie: light blueWe are more than happy to announce that our Liberation design is finally available on an ecological and fairtrade zipper. The zipper features a darker shade of grey than the former Hoodie but we’re convinced you’ll like it.
Furthermore we now have blank Hoodies available in grey (unisex/women) and electric blue. Eco and fair, of course.

Slingshot DIY Organizer, nice and colourfulOrganizers

Slingshot’s back!

English literature

While we published a book on how to live vegan with kids in german through compassion media, there is still a lack of literature on how to be vegan during a pregnancy. The Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide, by Sayward Rebhal, fills the gap and leaves no question unanswered.

In Plantation Memories Grada Kilomba, author and psychologist, explores the topic of everyday racism. Being a compilation of episodes approaching racism as a psychological reality, the book is a must-read for anyone studying African studies, postcolonialism, critical whiteness and psychoanalysis.

New stickers

a dead cow in a slaughterhouse. Why vegan? That's whya dead pig in a slaughterhouse. Why vegan? That's why.This is the one they use for the happy cows. This is the one they use for the others. The knive is always the same.a pig being transported. WHy vegan? That's why.animal parts in the slaughtherhouse. 'Why vegan? That's why.'

Winter Special

The winter is in full swing and it’s time for some sweets that will make you want for it to stay:

  • gingerbread
  • christmas scoop almond nougat
  • cherry bombs
  • spice nuts
  • apple cinnamon marzipan balls
  • almond chocolate cookies
  • marzipan balls
  • chocolate orange gingerbread
  • gingerbread hearts

Another winter product we’re quite proud of:
Booja Booja!


Lovechock - yummy raw chocolateWe are not really known for being total fans of raw sweets and chocolate, but some snacks we’re really keen of, so we decided to offer them in our shop as well. Among these: Lovechock in the flavors pure/cacao nibs, goji berry/orange, inca berry/pineapple und almonds/figs.
Also as an addition to our selection of fruit bars we now have lifebars in our shop. Some of us have already developed a severe addiction to lifebar chocolate, but apricot and coconut are also really good!

Icecream during the winter? Why the hell not! Making ice cream has never been easier than with instant ice cream by Biovegan, available in chocolate, vanilla und strawberry.

all products from biovegan and vitavegan that you can buy from our online shop

The same manufacturer brings you some other products that come pretty handy in making your own winterly candy, such as potash und hartshorn (for a fluffy dough), fermentation starter, mimosas, sugar sprinkles, nonpareilles and chocolate hearts.Aroma Zapatista coffee

And what goes better with a delicious cake than a good coffee? Now available in two varieties that go by the illustrious names of Fuego y Palabra and Intergaláctico. The coffee is grown by Zapatista Cooperatives from indigenous communities in Chiapas, México and it is imported under fair conditions and in respectful cooperation.

For the ones who are too lazy to make their own mayonnaise, we also recently added mayonnaise and remoulade to our online store.

There’s little doubt that B12 is essential not only for vegans but rather for everyone. However, the required dosage for children is naturally lower than for adults, which is why we’re now selling JARROW® Methyl B-12 500 µg (=half the dosage of the usual Jarrow’s).

Every once in a while you may wanna clean your apartment. So last but not least we’re providing a little help in this dreadful task, now offering bathroom cleaner, window cleaner and multi-purpose cleaning agent in practical refill bottles.

That’s all, folks.

Yours truly

roots of compassion vegan chocolate devouring action collective

New products – overview

Finally, here is a complete overview of our new products we’ve added in the past two months.


Through our publishing company we’ve released the catalogue of german artist Hartmut Kiewert. We’ve added two Posters from the catalogue – Wir verlassen die Erde and Sofa. In the future we’re planning to add even more art prints and posters. Be excited!

English books

Das Buch 'Cruel' von Sue Coe We recently added Cruel by Sue Coe, which is a combination of writings and paintings: the powerful paintings of Coe capture the incredible suffering of animals behind the pretty scenes of marketing campaigns.

The ALF SG Newsletter Juli 2012 includes, besides worldwide acions and letters from prisoners also a report about the Green Hill liberation and the fight against slaughterhouses in Germany.


With the new Vitamin B12 toothpaste from SANTE, you can easily increase your B12 level. The B12 in the toothpaste is absorbed through the mouth mucosa and regular use reduces a B12 deficiency and increases your B12-level. A study by the Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Magdeburg showed a 60% increase of levels after four weeks of use. Brushing twice a day can result in the absorption of the recommended dose of 300 micrograms per day.

Stickers from Herbivore

auf dem Bild sind einige Sticker von Herbivore zu verschiedenen veganen Themen zu sehen.Some are sold out already, but we’re expecting a new delivery soon!
Eating meat is fucking up the planet
Bacon had a mom
Wings are for flying, not for frying
Cow hugger
I believe in bikes
A little veganism never hurt anybody
Ride bikes, grow food
Praise Seitan


Leckere vegane Schokolade mit karamelisierten HaselnüssenSome new delicious treats:
Höllenkrainer from Vegourmet: hot!
Chocolate with caramelised hazelnuts: Nom!
Soja-Granulat from Vantastic Foods for your Chili etc.

New shop items!

Apron with a rabbit holding a spoon on the frontSince May we added some nice new products to our online shop. Here is a quick overview:


We now have the ‘Eat yourself-T-Shirt for kids as well! And for all you vegan cooks there is a nice new apron in our store.
And in case you are looking for fair and organic insoles – here they are.

Cover of the Vegucated DVD


In our reading section you’ll find Vegan for Life, an excellent new book on vegan nutrition by Jack Norris. And we finally managed to add

The Earth Liberation Front 1997-2002, which was sitting in our office since forever.
Oh and there are still some copies of The Vegan (spring 2012) left.


Today we added Vegucated to our DVD section – a documentary about three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers, who agree to go vegan for six weeks. Sometimes funny, sometimes giving you the reality check, often informative.

Mini Moo chocolate

New food items

  • Mini Moos Scrummy Hunny Comb Bars
  • Mini Moos Juicy Sultana Bars
  • Mini Moos Original Chocolate Bars
  • Strawberry Laces
  • Raspberry Laces
  • Soy Chunks Bulk Pack
  • Piece of “Paprikalyoner Art”
  • No Egg Egg-Replacer
  • Morocco Instant Meal
  • Madras Instant Meal



In May we started adding cleaning agents to our shop. The latest addition is the Sonett Bathroom Cleaner.
And, last but not least, there are new vegan condoms, and they are free from latex!

Vegan Barbecue Specials – summer is coming!!

Yesterday morning, half past six: it was warm enough to ride your bike in Münster without wearing a sweater or a jacket. So we think: it’s time to start the barbecue season! Let your town air get a nice vegan barbecue smell! For this end we have two special offers for you (three for those living in Münster, but we expect that you are living too far away. You’d just get jealous):

Look at the Maxi Barbecue Special

This is the Maxi-Barbecue-Special for your giant grill or your giant hunger. It contains Soy Medaillons, Soy Big Steaks, Franconian Sausages, Smoked Pepper and “Barbecue Magic” Mixed Spices. Get it here!


For the smaller budget we have our Low Budget Barbecue Special with soy madaillons and mixed spices. And honestly: soy medaillons and mixed spices is definitely enough for a real nice barbecue!! You can order it right here! Bon appetit.

News: May 2012 – Spring Collection 2012

Spring collection 2012!

Overview of the new shirts from roots of compassion

We got some new designs for you! Firstly, there’s the secret society of vegans. You might already have seen it: it’s from They don’t print it anymore, but we do:“SSOV women” and “SSOV unisex”. Join the Secret Society of Vegans!
Further, there’s the new “Veganism”-t-shirt, also available as women and unisex shirt.
Then there are two shirts you might have seen in our shop already. Because many of you asked for the “Until all are free”-design as a t-shirt – here they are: “Until all are free women” and “Until all are free unisex”. And the other one is our new racoon. It’s with german text, but maybe you’ll like it anyway.
Our friends at Herbivore created some designs we really like and now we are allowed to offer them to you as well: the first is our new “Cowhugger”-t-shirt. Of course, what you see here is meant as a metaphor – please don’t go and start hugging every cow you see. We suspect they wouldn’t like it.
And the second design from Herbivore is the “Praise Seitan”-t-shirt (unisex/women). As you will know, Seitan is also known as gluten or wheat meat, and we think this wonderful food should be praised everywhere!
Maybe you love seitan so much that you really think of joining the Church of Seitan? Here we go: the “In Seitan We Trust”-t-shirt is available now, too! And here’s the link: “In Seitan We Trust” unisex and “In Seitan We Trust” women.
Now, for those who think that these designs a little bit too dark – we also have a cute new one. Do you remember the blue sticker “Eat Yourself”? If you liked it, maybe you want to wear this message as well? This is the women shirt, and that’s unisex.
Okaaaay, now, this is number 9 and the last one. And again a german one. We are sure that you’ll agree with us, that only freedom is species-appropriate. That’s what our shirt says: “Artgerecht ist nur die Freiheit” women and “Artgerecht ist nur die Freiheit” unisex.


Visions of Abolition DVD cover

Soccer vs. the State by Gabriel Kuhn;
Prison Round Trip by Klaus Viehmann, a reflection on prison life;
Sing for your Supper by David Rodics, a DIY guide to playing music, writing songs, and booking your own gigs;
Self-Defense for Radicals by Mickey Z.;
Organizing cools the Planet by Hilary Moore und Joshua Kahn Russell – stories, organizing tools, provocative questions etc.;
Direct Action Report, a look back at direct action in 2011.

Visions of Abolition DVD

Visions of Abolition is a documentary about the prison industrial complex and the prison abolition movement.

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottle

Some time ago we listed a cool bottle with our freedom design which can be used for cycling, hiking, climbing and so on. For those of you who didn’t trust the Sport Cap we now have Loop Caps as well.

New food!

We already mentioned it: roots of compassion started a small vegan shop in Münster for all our local customers. Maybe that’s one reason why we have a lot of new food. Or is it just because we enjoy eating soo much?

Chocolate spreads

Plamil No Added Sugar
Plamil like milk chocolate

fruit confectionary

Fruit confectionary

Fruit Confectionary Strawberry-Rhubarb
Fruit Confectionary Cranberry
Fruit Confectionary Physalis
Fruit Confectionary Pineapple
Fruit Confectionary Dates

Dream Bars

Yes, we know, they are not cheap at all. But they’re organic, fair trade and handmade. And the returns don’t go into someones private pockets, but they serve for supporting the animal sanctuary “Antitierbenutzungshof” in Germany.
dream bars from vegantisch
Rice milk and soy cream
Rice milk and soy cream – crispy
Dark chocolate and soy cream – crispy
Dark chocolate and soy cream
Oh, the dark chocolate isn’t really bitter. It’s pretty sweet.

No-Muh Snack and sausages

In our local store we sell some other Vegusto cheeses, too. Online we can only offer you the fantastic No-Muh Snack.
And there are new sausages: Frankish style.

Picture of vegan animal food

Cat and dog food

Ami Cat 2 kg
Ami Cat 10 kg
Ami Dog 2 kg
Ami Dog 15 kg
Canigourmet soy free from Vegourmet
Canigourmet Wau from Vegourmet
Canigourmet Wuff from Vegourmet

Cleaning agents (organic)

Liquid Soap Dispenser
Liquid Soap 1 litre
Window Cleaner
Washing-Up Liquid

We hope you like all the new stuff and that you have some very nice spring days!

News from the ROC shop in August!

“Bacon had a mom” Hoodie

Preview to the Bacon had a mom hoodie - available soon!As days are getting shorter and noticeably colder, we started thinking about designs for this winter and here is our first result: Bacon had a mom“, printed on a heather grey hooded sweatshirt!

And for those of you waiting for the sold out womens shirt – small sizes are available again now and all other sizes will be available again soon!

roots of compassion cycling team!

Image of the new roots of compassion jersey from front and backThe time is ripe for the first all-vegan german cycling team! After our call for vegan cyclists via facebook last month, we are now proud to present the roots of compassion cycling team, ready to premiere at the „Münsterland Giro“ on October 3rd. If you want to be part of the team, just let us know by sending an email to

But it doesn’t matter where you live, because you can still ride in the new roots of compassion jersey to show your fellow cyclist friends that “you can’t stop veganism”! The jersey is available for pre-order now and will be shipped from september 1st!

New products

Image of the Tofu Monster Bag.During the last month we had a whole bunch of new stuff filling the shelves of our shop. We now have caps with a neatly printed vegan flower on them, our tofu monster is now frightening tofu makers around the world on a dark purple bag and as an ecological, healthy and money-saving alternative to sanitary pads and tampons we now offer the MeLuna, a menstrual cup available in different sizes and colors. Furthermore we got plenty new stickers, for example this social network-style action sticker to be spread – not only in your room! Also, gone for a long time and now back in stock, mugs! They really make the soy milk taste delicious 😉

New as well – crimethinc’s latest book Work analyzes our relationship to work, why it seems that we work more than ever and why we still end up poorer and our bosses richer. The book joins the rest of our crimethinc literature family, such as Recipes for Disaster, Evasion, Expect Resistance, Days of War, Nights of Love, Off the map and the rolling thunder magazine.

ROC on the road

Summer is almost over, but you can find us at these events:
13.08. – Veggie Street Day – Dortmund
21.08. – Vegan Festival – London
01.10-02.10. – Paris Vegan Day

News in June

Bacon had a mom Shirt

“Bacon had a mom” T-Shirt

This month we’re happy to present you the “Bacon had a mom” T-Shirt. It was designed by the awesome people at the Herbivore Clothing Company from Portland, USA. We already have a bunch of their stickers. The shirt is available in a unisex and a ‘womens’ cut.

Take On Shoe
Simple Shoes!

From now on we’re offering new shoe models from Simple Shoes!

If you’re a follower of our blog for some time this might surprise you. So far our position was that we only sell shoes from vegan manufacturers. But there are very few companies that exclusively produce vegan shoes and do so under socially and ecologically acceptable conditions. We stopped selling Blackspot shoes because their quality didn’t meet our standards anymore so we were standing without a convincing vegan alternative to Vegetarian Shoes.

We’ve received tons of requests for trendy vegan shoes, and after long discussions we’ve decided to add vegan shoe models from Simple Shoes to our stock. Simple Shoes currently also makes leather shoes but they impressed us with their commitments to sustainabilty: They mainly use recycled materials (e.g. old car tires, PET bottles and bike tires) and organically grown fabrics such as cotton and hemp. Social conditions also meet the standards we expect from our suppliers. You can find out more about Simple Shoes here.

Of course we hope that with an increased demand for their vegan shoe models, Simple Shoes will discern the signs of the times, change their strategy and manufacture vegan shoes only. For now we offer their shoe models “D-Solve Organic Cotton” and “Take on Elastic” and in late summer we’ll expand our stock further.

We’re interested in your opinion on the shoe producer issue und ask you to let us know if should you find any convincing vegan shoe producers.


Sissi At the animal sanctuary “Antitierbenutzungshof” lives the 20-years-old mare “Sissi” (german link), who has an extreme defective position of her right foreleg. She urgently needs surgery because her current condition is critical, since she can hardly walk. Unfortunately, the sanctuary cannot afford an operation like this. Therefore, they called out for a solidarity weekend for “Sissi”, which ROC supports. For every order that you place in our shop on June 18th and 19th, and that is paid until June 27th, 5 % of the order value will be donated to the sanctuary!

ROC on the road 2011

12.06. – Veggie Street Day – Stuttgart
15.07.-17.07. – International Animal Rights Gathering
22.07.-24.07. – Fluff Fest
30.07. – Vegan-vegetarisches Sommerfest Berlin
13.08. – Veggie Street Day – Dortmund
21.08. – Vegan Festival – London
01.10-02.10. – Paris Vegan Day