News and Shoe Sale!!

“Vegan means” T-Shirt

Summer is finally here and we have a new t-shirt in our shop. The shirt is made by Continental Clothing (earth positive quality!), and comes in a vintage washed design. Get ready for summer!

New belts: “Rabbit” and “We heart the ALF”
We designed new belts and now they are in the shop! Have a look …

Shoe Sale!
We have some phase-out shoe models on sale! Among others we’ve reduced the price for our Blackspot Sneakers. Oh and we also have a few of our T-Shirt Designs on special. Get them while you can!

New prices for shirts and hoodies
Unfortunately, from now on you’ll have to pay a little more for our clothing. Shirts will be 2 €uros more, our hoodies 2-3 €uros more. This step is necessary, because the prices for shirt and printing are a little higher. In addition to that, we’re in a situation where we’re trying to avoid all kinds of exploitation by selling only fairtrade products, but at the same time we’re exploiting ourselves by paying us very low wages. So we’re trying to improve this situation a little bit through this move.
Compared to the prices of other eco and fair trade brands, our prices are still at a quite low level.
We appreciate your understanding!

ROC on tour 2011
We’ve started to prepare for the festival season and thought we’d let you know when and where you can come to our stall this summer.
12.06. – Veggie Street Day – Stuttgart
15.07.-17.07. – International Animal Rights Gathering
13.08. – Veggie Street Day – Dortmund
21.08. – Vegan Festival – London

We’re looking forward to see you!

Busy times

Hello fellow vegans,

the Rabbit-Shirt as well as the How about I eat you-Shirt are finally available in all sizes – hooray!

Here we have some very interesting events for your iPhone calender or old-school diary:

From September 27th to October 3rd there will be the No Border Camp in Brussels. People from around the world will get together to share experiences and skills as well as organize actions. Please have a look at this homepage.

From October 8th to 10th the Anti-repression congress will take place in Hamburg. You can expect lectures of critical scientists, people working in media and representatives for political organisations and social movements from USA, Israel, UK, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. You can read all the details right here.

Thank you and ROC on!

Stalls and Shirts

Hello hello.

We just came back from our 4 day trip to Fluff Fest in Czech Republic. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and had a little chat with us. We also had an open-air screening of EDGE with about 350 people on Sunday night which was really amazing.

The weekend before we went to the Veggie Street Day in Stuttgart, Germany. Besides bands, food, and information stalls there was a fashion show with roots of compassion apparel et al. The whole event was a huge success since a lot of passers-by seemed to be really interested in vegan food and animal rights. In two weeks, on August 14th, we’ll be at the Veggie Street Day in Dortmund with a stall.

It was your decision: The “We heart the ALF” Shirt came off as the odds-on winner of the vote we started 2 weeks ago!

And finally, we have the Tofu-Monster Shirt in all sizes back in stock. The new shirt is a bit shorter and has a slightly different shade of color than the old one.

Sincerely yours and rock on

EDGE DVD, new bags, shirts, and food for your mind

Hip hop hooray! Finally, the DVD of Marc and Michi’s documentary EDGE – Drugfree Perspectives on Culture has arrived. The movie is in English, but of course there are 15 subtitles altogether. In the shop you have the opportunity to choose between the PAL and NTSC version. Here you can find out which format you need.

We have brand new super-chic bags in the colors green, black, red and blue. In addition our new shirts for the summer just arrived – pretty clothes with a decent message: EcoDefence, Animal Rights, Drop Fur, shirts against boredom, and for more risk, dreams and awareness. Yep, our designer was really creative!

Also, a lot is going on in the next weeks:

5th June / London: Action Against Animal Testing
The ‘Antispeciesist Action Tübingen’ in cooperation with ‘Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany’ will organize a community event as part of the campaign against animal testing on apes in the city of Tübingen .
You can expect information and food stalls, a huge demonstration, stage show and an evening party. For more information: Antispeciesist Action Tübingen, Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany

12th June / Berlin: Free Space Demonstration
The demonstration will take place in Berlin / Kreuzberg. The basic idea is to create an emancipatory, caring society. One step in this direction is the preservation and creation of free spaces.
Therefore, the demonstration is against the eviction order regarding the community space ‘Liebig 14th’. Check out: Liebig 14 and Freiraumdemo

18th June / Düsseldorf: Series of Lectures
Last but not least, a monthly series of workshops and lectures started recently in Düsseldorf.
All events will discuss veganism, animal liberation and animal rights. In June, for example, Andre Gamerschlag deals with the interconnection of speciesism, racism, sexism and capitalism.One month later Susann Witt-Stahl will talk about how to use the Critical Theory to free animals. Further information: Veganer Fortschritt

We wish you many fruitful discussions and lots of inspiration! Thank you for your attention.


We have some news for you this week:

Benefit-Button §278a
We are all $278a! The trial against the 10 animal rights activists in Austria will start in March. You can show your solidarity with our new Benefit-Button. All the profits will be given to the donation account for legal assistance. Animal rights groups can order the button for a wholsale-price in quantities from 10 pieces on to use them for their solidarity actions.You can find all the dates for their court cases and further information here.

Further there will be a Global Action Day Against Repression on March 3, 2010 because of the beginning of the lawsuit against the criminalized austrian animal rights activists to increase the public pressure on the austrian public authorities and to show solidarity with the prosecuted activists. There are going to be a lot of actions in front of austrian embassies, consulates and other institutions.

ROC-Myspace with a brand new design
Our Myspace-Page has been receiving a major update regarding design and like we already said in our blog, we will feed it with new information almost daily. Add us as a friend and let’s get started!

Slowly but surely web2.0 has been arrived at the Roots-HQ. That’s what you have waited for a long time: You can now find us on Twitter. So, if you always wanna know what is going on in our office just follow our Tweet.

Daily Shipping
We have new shipping times for parcels: They are gonna be picked up every day now – Monday through Friday. So, that means you will receive your order even faster!


starts with a brand new blog entry. A lot is going on at the Roots-HQ lately despite snow and ice.

Besides the marvelous fist paw-pin, we have a brand new pamphlet in our shop, called “Liberation Days“, regarding repression against political activists. Unfortunately it is in german. The pamphlet ist based on the conference of the same name which took place from May 21 to 24, 2009 in Vienna, Austria. The cause was the arrest of ten animal rights activists in Austria on May 21, 2008. At around 6:00am members of the Viennese elite police force (WEGA) stormed several apartments in Vienna. A total of twenty-three apartments, houses and offices were searched in Vienna and other cities in Austria. The grounds for the searches was the accusation “Formation of a Criminal Organization” according to §278a. Ten activists got arrested and released after 3 1/2 months. The lawsuit will start on March 2, 2010 at the district court in Wiener Neustadt. The court sessions are scheduled to take place over six months, with the court convening three days a week. Approx. 10.000 EUR (US$ 14.500) per person are estimated for the costs of the lawsuit. The accused are dependent on your solidarity actions and donations. If you want to support them, please transfer your money to following bank account:

Account Nr: 01910815837
Bank Code (BLZ): 14 000
Account owner: Grünalternative Jugend Wien
Purpose: Antirep 2008

IBAN: AT451400001910815837

Soon we will have a Solidarity-Button in our shop, so stay tuned!

Here comes the Newsletter!

The brand new V1 Blackspot Sneaker just arrived. The production was shifted from Portugal to Pakistan and the design changed a little bit. Of course, it is still certified fairly traded. You can get more information on the official Blackspot-Homepage soon.

We also had time to clean up our office and you can find all the stuff we found in our SALE. In our shop you can also discover brand new products: beanies, soy cubes, an ‘Antifascist Action’-flag, and lots more.

Oh and big news! The official world premiere of ‘EDGE- perspectives on drugfree culture’ the documentary on straight edge will take place in New York City, USA. You can find a list of all US movie tourdates and more info on

By the way, you can subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter here.

New Blackspot V1 preview

Two days ago we received the new Blackspot V1 shoes. As previously mentioned, Adbusters has shifted production from Portugal to Pakistan and changed the design a bit. The Shoe is now manufactured in the same factory that produces the Ethletic Sneaker, so its still a fairtrade product. We’ll let you know all the detailed info in a few days. You can order the shoe from us next week.

Our supplier Vegetarian Shoes from Brighton, UK has raised prices for their shoes, so we have to raise ours as well. The Panther Sneaker, X-Trainer and New Fanatic are from now on all 84EUR, still a good price for good quality shoes i’d say!

London Vegan Festival! On Sept 6th we’ll have a stall at the annual London Vegan Festival, the biggest Vegan event in Europe with 88 stalls, talks, workshops and musicians! If you’re going, make sure to say hello at our stall!