Speeches from the International Animal Rights Conference Luxembourg

Last September some of your collectivist@s attended the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg. It was great to meet some of you there, discuss and get to know new people. And of course, we’ve listened to some speeches. 30 of about 50 speeches are available online – just have a look at the youtube-channel “Vegankanal”. By the way: of course we don’t agree on everything stated in some speeches – it’s a conference with many different people from different perspectives. But isn’t that the interesting part of a conference?
But of course we don’t want to bother you with this stuff here – so we’ve looked for videos of the speeches we liked a lot – and we found these three:

Facts for Fish-Eaters: What You Didn’t Know About Fish*es And Sealife – Lisa Kemmerer

Vegan Organic Food Production: How to Go Beyond Animal Agriculture – Daniel Mettke

Overlapping Oppressions: Sexism, Classism, Racism And More – Lisa Kemmerer

We would be glad to meet even more of you next year at the conference! And if you think a certain topic is missing: ofer your own workshop or speech!

We’re going to move again!

Der vegane Onlineshop roots of compassion zieht in Münster in die Rudolf-Diesel-Straße. Daten von http://www.openstreetmap.org - Veröffentlicht unter ODbL (http://opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/)

Unfortunately, it is about time again: We’re moving. We had a really nice time in our neighborhood – it’s close to the city center, but still quiet. Unfortunately, it now is too small for us, and storing books in the basement is not really ideal. Whenever we get deliveries from larger trucks, it’s a problem due to the narrow streets. But apart from that we had a lot of difficulties here in recent years, which we would like to leave behind (not to mention the water in the cellar right now …).
Due to the continuous growth in the roots of compassion hearquarters, we need more space, but we’ve been searching for a nice spot for a while with no success. So: Industrial area. A more rational decision, which might not be such a nice working atmosphere and it means even longer bike and bus routes for many of us.
But we’ll have: Space, no basement, more office space and space for table tennis. It’s a really nice warehouse (compared to others), we have more space in the kitchen and and and 🙂

So, as of August 15th, 2014 roots of compassion has a new address! You will find us in the Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 37, 48157 Münster.

Please understand that therefore we will not process or ship any orders on August 15th, 2014! But shortly after things should be back to normal again … Thank you for your understanding!

This weekend: 20 % discount on shirts, shoes, cups, condoms, patches, wallets etc. etc.

As you can imagine, we prefer to ship boxes instead of carrying them. So we have a special sale coming up this weekend. From August 1st till the 3rd you can get a discount on a lot of items, such as shirts, shoes, belts, patches, stickers and buttons.
Help us clear our shelves, so we have to carry less stuff to our new HQ and we can finish the move early! Thanks!

Rainstorm in Muenster!

Finally we’ll have a moment to give you a status update
As you might have noticed, Münster was hit by an extreme rainstorm on Monday. In some places it rained 290 liters per square meter, thousands of cellars got flooded, lots of trees got uprooted and even two people killed. We are all ok, fortunately, but the water has also found its way into our basement storage. While some of us came to the office right away, there was little we could do to prevent more damage. Among other things, hundreds of books, more than fifty pairs of shoes, hundreds of bags and many, many patches were flooded. But compared to others we were lucky since only part of our range is located in the basement and most of it is stacked on shelves and the water only stood about 15-20 cm high, whereas most basements were flooded completely. Nevertheless, this incident has caused lots and lots of extra hours and also hit us financially, since we are not insured against flooding. We can only estimate our damages at the moment, but they are quite significant. After our move all the still sellable products will be available in an extensive Sale.

Some impressions:

Our beautful compassion media stock - many books at the bottom were flooded Some of the shoes started to swim and so even the shoes lying on top flew into the water

All the books at the bottom lay in the water and are lost. Many shoes became wet, too, even those lying further on top. The rest of our basement looks quite similar …

That's how our vegan store looked like for some days - a place for drying everything.

We saved lots of stuff in the night when the water came and put them into our store to dry. It lookey quite chaotic, our vegan store.

We tried to carry everything that was wet or had to be saved from the water to our new warehouse

Luckily, some very nice people helped us, even in the night. So we yould carry everything that was wet or had to be saved from the water to our new warehouse. A big thank you to everyone who helped us!

We’d be more than happy if you’d support us with your orders soon, as we’ll have a lot coming up.
But of course there are a lot of humans and non-humans that face far more difficult circumstances. We hope to be on our feet again soon, so we can work on new projects and support others again, too!

roots of compassion on tour 2012

Link zur Seite des VSD
27.05.Veggie Street Day Stuttgart
13.-15.07. – Int. Animal Rights Gathering
11.08.Veggie Street Day Dortmund
18.08.Vegan Vegetarisches Sommerfest Berlin
13.-16.09.International Animal Rights Conference
8.-9.12. – Vegan Christmas Fair Hannover

We hope to see many of you guys out there, although we reduced our international travelling!
Oh, and there are some really cool guys who want to sell some of our stuff in Sweden at Vegomassan Stockholm. Maybe one day we will come to Stockholm, too. But it’s soooo far away!

Tomorrow we are going to move!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY of our move. We are looking forward to it, but still we are nervous, too! Although it was planned that every work in our new rooms was done until the end of January, we found people still working there. Maybe until mid-March. But at least we can use the storage room, and our office will be ready to move into. Tomorrow we’ll find out.

storage room with ladder, tools and table
Our storage room- work in progress.
office 1, still cables hanging from the wall.
cable tangle - the room for our plenum
Damp walls without wallpaper and paint
Damp walls in our office
cable tangle above the fuse box
Will they finish their work in time?
Basement, no paint at all
This wall is still without paint and they want to paint it next (!!) week.

Of course our landlord didn’t bother to inform us that there are still damp walls and that the painting of the basement is planned not until next week. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

roots of compassion moves house

Finally! We’ll have a lot more space, an office, a nicer kitchen, hot running water, a basement, a backyard and more! And best of all, we’ll offer more delicious vegan food, which will only be sold to our customers in Münster.

This will be our new address:
roots of compassion eG
Friedensstraße 7
48145 Münster

The move will take place on Feb 24th – please understand that we will not ship any orders on the 24th nor will we answer mails or calls. During the following week it could be a little chaotic and it might take a little longer than usual to get your stuff (but we do believe to be fairly well prepared).

Our new headquarters are obviously far from finished, but you’ll get the idea … With a click you can see our new position on google maps.

Das neue Büro von roots of compassion von außen. Noch sieht das alles ein wenig trist aus ...

Statement regarding our attendance at Paris Vegan Day

After we had visited Paris Vegan Day, the French anti-fascist initiative terre d’abord critisised our attendance at the event. They stated that by visiting Paris Vegan Day we indirectly supported pro-fascist and right-wing populist structures because the organizers co-operate with people who made racist and right-wing populist comments. Furthermore, Paris Vegan Day is supported by Fondation Brigitte Bardot.

We want to thank terre d’abord for their input and would like to respond to their critique: We hereby declare that our conviction as a collective is not only anti-speciesist but also anti-fascist. We reject any kinds of racist, right-wing populist and inhumane ideologies and we especially condemn all attempts to instrumentalize animal rights issues to breed resentment against Jewish or Muslim population groups.

We didn’t know in detail about the structures of Paris Vegan Day beforehand, so our attendance should not be interpreted as a form of pro-facist support. In the past, we boycotted events when “Universelles Leben” or related groups attended and this should make clear that we don’t agree when people try to link animal rights issues to totalitarian ideas. The same applies to extreme right-wing and other kinds of inhumane ideologies.

Stalls and Shirts

Hello hello.

We just came back from our 4 day trip to Fluff Fest in Czech Republic. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and had a little chat with us. We also had an open-air screening of EDGE with about 350 people on Sunday night which was really amazing.

The weekend before we went to the Veggie Street Day in Stuttgart, Germany. Besides bands, food, and information stalls there was a fashion show with roots of compassion apparel et al. The whole event was a huge success since a lot of passers-by seemed to be really interested in vegan food and animal rights. In two weeks, on August 14th, we’ll be at the Veggie Street Day in Dortmund with a stall.

It was your decision: The “We heart the ALF” Shirt came off as the odds-on winner of the vote we started 2 weeks ago!

And finally, we have the Tofu-Monster Shirt in all sizes back in stock. The new shirt is a bit shorter and has a slightly different shade of color than the old one.

Sincerely yours and rock on