GIVEAWAY: Smiles like vegan spirit – T-Shirt

Smiles Like Vegan Spirit

We’re raffling off one copy of our new design!, Perfect for all grunge lovers and flannel shirt wearers 🎸 🎸🎸 Of course eco and fair.

All you have to do:

Leave a comment until Sunday, 11.55 pm (CET), in which you name your favorite song by the three fine young men from Seattle and explain why. We’re going to draw a winner next week.

The sweepstakes is under way on facebook, Instagram and our blog.You can find the conditions of participation here.

And with a little luck you’ll look as good as Tuki soon!😉

The winner ist Toshé Tosh (facebook). Congratulations! 🎉 Better luck next time for all the others and you can still find the T-Shirt in our onlineshop. 😺

Logocos will most certainly be bought by L’Oréal

Some days ago L‘Oréal announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Logocos Naturkosmetik AG, a German beauty company which pioneered natural cosmetics with brands such as Sante.

Due to this fact, we decided to sell off B12 toothpastes from Sante and drop them from our product range. Though L’Oréal claims that the company “no longer tests its ingredients on animals and no longer tolerates any exception to this rule“ (see here), they still sell their products in China and thus fund animal testing where the practice is required by law. It is obvious that L‘Oréal choose profits over morals.

January offer: 10 % off English books

Seize the evenings! They’re still long and dark, and we can hardly imagine a better to spend them then reading good books! This month you can save 10 % on the english books in our range (apart from the books published by German publishers, sorry!). There’s some new stuff we’d love to introduce to you again, because we believe you should really read these books: What A Fish Knows is an instructive and sometimes surprising book about fishes – and we’re sure you’ll learn a lot of stuff that might be helpful whenever you run into “and what about fish?”-discussions.
Further, we’ve got some new books by Lisa Kemmerer who writes a lot about the interconnections between feminism, ecology and animal rights. Strongly recommended!
Apart from that we’ve still got the books by Jo-Anne McArthur, Crimethinc books and some other stuff you should read, too 😉