15 % off ethletic shoes!

15 % discount on ethletic shoes until 26nd of September. Here you can see the beautiful Fair Flips

For the next two weeks you can help us clear our shelves! We still have plenty of flip flops and summer shoes from Ethletic in our warehouse and we’d like to have them on your feet instead of standing on our shelves.

Save 15 % with this mix of various dog snacks!

here you can see all the snacks included in the dog snacks mix for 19 € in June

Yummy snacks for your four-legged friends! This month we offer you a mix of various snacks for dogs with: Jumbo Veggie Chews, Rumble Strips, Pawtato Knots, Biscuits for fresh breathe and three kinds of sticks based on sweet potatoes with seaweed/blueberries or vegetables. With this mix you can save about 15 %! Only until June 30th.

Apart from that, we’ve decided to offer the DIY Barbecue Mix another month! Yummy!

Find lots of new stuff in our SALE now!

SALE with many new products

We took the time to sort, photograph and describe all the stuff with smaller or bigger flaws that accumulated during the last months. Now you can find it all online again! Apart from that you’ll also find several discontinued shirts (without flaws) in our SALE! You should peep in – we’re sure there’s something for you in there, too!