Donations in 2017

overview on our donations in 2017

An important aspect of our work at roots of compassion is to support other initiatives. Five times each year we introduce an organization we want to support and give a certain amount to them. Apart from that there’s a monthly donation to an animal sanctuary in Germany, and of course we occasionally give some money to whatever comes up in the meantime.

This year we gave 3,700 € to:

Instead of DHL Green: Donation to ausgeCO2hlt

We donate €597 to ausgeCO2hlt

2017 is gone, and we’ve taken a look back on our shipments in 2017. By the end of December we had sent more than 5,960 packages, and so we donated 597 € to ausgeCO2hlt.
We believe at this point it’s more important to stop coal mining than to plant some trees somewhere in the world. Imagine the impact it could have to leave all the coal that’s left in the ground!

Vegan food for the animal sanctuary “Land der Tiere”

a cat and a dog from the animal sanctuary 'Land der Tiere'

Klaus lives on the animal sanctuary Land der Tiere. He likes to eat Ami Cat when he’s too lazy to catch his food. But it’s not only Klaus who likes Ami Cat. His friends like it ,too. And when he doesn’t pay attention, the foxes and martens like it, too.
Muli and Nica are a little bit bigger than Klaus. That’s why they need a lot of yummy vegan food! Ami Dog, V-Dog, Benevo – they don’t care. They inhale it faster than their shadows.

This week everyone who orders can help to create a (hopefully) huge delivery of vegan animal food to the Land der Tiere. In our shop you’ll find a selection of food that is needed on the Land der Tiere. We’ll give you 15 % discount on each of these products and we’ll organise the delivery, of course.
Just put it into your shopping bag, pay for everything – and we’ll send you the rest that’s not meant for the animal sanctuary. We hope it is as easy for you as it sound to us! 🙂

This week your order supports the movement against factory farms

Until 26th of February we'll donate 10 % of your order volume to 'Mastanlagen Widerstand' who fight against factory farms in South Germany

About one year ago, after a call to action by Mastanlagen Widerstand, we gave 500 € to a solidarity convoy with people who supported refugees in the balcans. Now we think it’s time to support the alliance itself! We’ll donate 10 % of your order volume from February 23rd until 26th. Plus: You’ll save 5 %*! We believe it’s a great group and we hope to raise some money for them!

Mastanlagen Widerstand block the entrance to a slaughterhouse
Two eople blocking the entrance to a slaughterhouse
Soliconvoy kitchen
Refugees in lesbos
People build a Tripod

Pictures from Mastanlagen Widerstand

*apart from gift vouchers, German literature, animal food, coffee and everything from the Hard-To-Port- and ARIWA-shops

World Vegan Week: Evaluation

World Vegan Week: Results

This year we celebrated a World Vegan Week: we offered you a little discount and asked you to decide to which organisation we should donate some money for your order. Unfortunately this last bit was quite complicated. Nevertheless, we’re happy to donate the following amounts: Erdlingshof 80 €, ARIWA 36 €, Animal Climate Action 35 €, Hard To Port 17 € and Sven & Natasha 15 €.
Honestly, we expected that you would make us donate more money, but we assume that it was too complicated to find out how to make us donate the money. So, next year we’ll think about something new 😉 Nevertheless, with regard to our donations in 2016 we’re quite happy that we could donate more than 4,000 € so far …

World Vegan Week!

High Five! This week you can save 5 % on your order + make us donate 5 % of your order value to an an organisation/initiative of your choice!

The roots of compassion collective wishes you a delightful world vegan day tomorrow!
Today we already start with our “High Five” celebration week.
But please don’t expect extremely huge discounts or some such thing – we don’t feel like doing that. But we put some thoughts into that and love our offer even more! 😉 Just continue reading …

First of all the good news for you: You’ll get 5 % off everything (except for German literature, animal food, gift vouchers and everything from the Hard To Port- and the ARIWA-Shop) from October 31st until November 6th. So you can still save some money. 😉
Plus: we’ll donate 5 % of your order’s total to one of the five organizations mentioned above (and below). During this year we’ve already presented & supported these organizations but we’d like to draw your attention to their work again.

And that’s how it works: the 5 % discount is deducted automatically. Additionally, we donate 5 % of your order’s total to one of these organizations. Therefore, please add one of the free linked “products” with the name of an organization to your shopping cart, order & pay.
And these are the organisations: Animal Climate Action, an alliance of animal rights and ecology groups, the animal sanctuary Erdlingshof, the support for Sven & Natasha who face extradition to the UK because of actions against HLS, the German animal rights organization ARIWA and Hard To Port who fight whaling in Iceland and elsewhere.

Happy world vegan day!