EDGE DVD, new bags, shirts, and food for your mind

Hip hop hooray! Finally, the DVD of Marc and Michi’s documentary EDGE – Drugfree Perspectives on Culture has arrived. The movie is in English, but of course there are 15 subtitles altogether. In the shop you have the opportunity to choose between the PAL and NTSC version. Here you can find out which format you need.

We have brand new super-chic bags in the colors green, black, red and blue. In addition our new shirts for the summer just arrived – pretty clothes with a decent message: EcoDefence, Animal Rights, Drop Fur, shirts against boredom, and for more risk, dreams and awareness. Yep, our designer was really creative!

Also, a lot is going on in the next weeks:

5th June / London: Action Against Animal Testing
The ‘Antispeciesist Action Tübingen’ in cooperation with ‘Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany’ will organize a community event as part of the campaign against animal testing on apes in the city of Tübingen .
You can expect information and food stalls, a huge demonstration, stage show and an evening party. For more information: Antispeciesist Action Tübingen, Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany

12th June / Berlin: Free Space Demonstration
The demonstration will take place in Berlin / Kreuzberg. The basic idea is to create an emancipatory, caring society. One step in this direction is the preservation and creation of free spaces.
Therefore, the demonstration is against the eviction order regarding the community space ‘Liebig 14th’. Check out: Liebig 14 and Freiraumdemo

18th June / Düsseldorf: Series of Lectures
Last but not least, a monthly series of workshops and lectures started recently in Düsseldorf.
All events will discuss veganism, animal liberation and animal rights. In June, for example, Andre Gamerschlag deals with the interconnection of speciesism, racism, sexism and capitalism.One month later Susann Witt-Stahl will talk about how to use the Critical Theory to free animals. Further information: Veganer Fortschritt

We wish you many fruitful discussions and lots of inspiration! Thank you for your attention.