February’s newbies

Not your mom – not your milk!/No border, no nation!

These designs are available on tees and hoodies in two styles: waisted and straight-cut. The textiles are organic, of course, fair trade and were printed in Muenster.
In regards to the No border tees you can choose not only from different styles but also, for the very first time, from different colors: black and deep royal blue are available for both styles, burgundy for the waisted one and stargazer for the straight one.

Not Your Mom T-Shirts - available in waisted and straight cut!

Not your Mom hoodies

No border Shirt: deep royal blue

No border Shirt: black

No border Shirt: burgundy

No border Shirt: stargazer

New gym bags/Refugees Welcome!

After a long, long search we found black gym bags which are produced under fair conditions and made from organic cotton. As we were so happy about our find, we decided to print three different motifs on these bags.
Our Refugees Welcome design is not only on new bags but also on flags. As always we will donate a part to local anti-racist initiatives.

Freedom gymbag

VGN gymbag

Refugees Welcome gymbag

Refugees Welcome flag

Veg Supreme – new vegan sneakers!

new vegan shoes: Veg Supreme

action stickers

Work? Or Life?

Libération toujours!

Don't just be sorry - do something! E.g. against animal factories!

Don't just be sorry - do something! E.g. against animal testing!

Round fridge magnets

We have a whole range of new round fridge magnets with popular designs from our button collection and also a few new ones.
If you’re totally into magnets, don’t miss out on our special packages.

New fridge magnets for veganism and animal rights

Sugru – fix that thing!

Imagine modeling clay that you can form however you like, and stick to almost whatever you want. After one day it sets and withstands extreme conditions. That’s Sugru. The following videos give you an idea of what you can improve or repair with it. Probably you have even more ideas how to use it!

Sugru: fix that thing! This rubber hardens and repairs a lot of stuff. Here: 8 packages of Sugru

Sugru is also available in a pack of 3


From animals to anarchism.


We are happy to announce that we have three new sorts of vegan cookies called kvegks. The cookies are free from palm oil and they are hand-made from organic ingredients in a workshop for people with disabilities. Further, we have 3 more sorts of super delicious savory cracker.
For those of you who are more into sweets, we also added three new chocolate bars from iChoc and two candy bars from Vivani. Yummy!

New chocolate bars from Vivani: Crispy Cornflakes und Strawberry Waffle Crunch. Yummy!

the kvegks flavours: free from palm oil, vegan organic

3 new iChocs: Choco Cookies, Milkless und Super Nut

Vegan dog food

As it was about time to add more items to this section, here are the newbies:

Ami Dog Love - vegan wet food for dogs

Getreidefreie vegane Feuchtnahrung für Hunde

Partytime! With the organic dog cake mix from Benevo

Ami Cat new size

Vegane Benevo dog biscuits - for a fresh breathe

That was new during the last few months: