Giveaway: a cosy hoodie for you

We’re giving away one of our new hoodies, as always made of organic cotton, fair-trade and printed in our neighborhood by Onbones Collective. All you have to do to take part:

▶️ Comment this post until Sunday, 11th of November, 11.11 pm MEZ, describing which one you would like to win and why. We’ll draw a winner next week.

1. “Act before it’s too late” 🌳
In solidarity with the activists squatting Hambacher Forst. Part of the revenues go directly to the local climate movement.

2. “Whale” 🐋
The exploitation and killing of whales has a long tradition. But whales are fascinating creatures! On your page you’ll find some interesting facts.

3. “Cut Fruit Not Throats” 🍏🍒
Pretty self-explanatory, is it not? 😉

Good luck! 😘

(The giveaway also takes place on our Facebook and Instagram page. If you didn’t win this time, you can just get your hoodie in our store.)


We’re overwhelmed by all your lovely comments! ❤
Because we are poor we had to draw a winner. And the lucky winner is: (instagram)

But don’t give up hope, this won’t be the last giveaway, good luck next time 😘

And you can find all hoodies in our shop:

9 thoughts on “Giveaway: a cosy hoodie for you”

  1. Ich hätte gern “Cut fruit not throats”. Schönes design zu toll Motto einfach, direkt. Danke für die tolles Gewinnchance.

  2. I would choose “Act before it’s too late” because the whale and the fruit, like all other natural beings in this world, interdepend. My beautiful world is ill and failing. I’m 72 – I’ve never owned a ‘hoodie’ but I would wear this one with pride, hoping that passer-by’s would understand it’s message. Good luck everyone!

  3. The one with the whale is my favorite. It reminds me of a book I once read about a swimmer who discovered a baby whale who got seperated from it’s mother and the way she could hear the whale in distress by the sounds it made. The baby whale in the end got reunited with it’s mother and it was just amazing how the connection between them was described. There’s no difference between us and them.
    All animals have feelings, all of them deserve a life in freedom <3

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! Tough choice… If I were to win, I’d like the one with the whale, a truly majestic creature.

  5. If I ever win, it would be the “Whale”. For a person who works with languages, what could be worthier of admiration than a beautiful creature capable of “speaking” a complex language, which allows it to communicate with its family and friends? Maybe one day I will pick up some “whalian” too 🙂

  6. If i win id like any of them! they are all beautiful.
    I think i like the act before its too late one most. Its beautiful and i try to connect with nature as much as a i can. The fight to save our forests is far too real especially here in canada. Its scary how fast they can disappear!

  7. If I win, I would like to Act before it’s too late. Just because without nature life ends. So let put nature and people before profit.

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