GoMaxGo? No!

Hi everyone,

today we wanna let you know why we have decided not to sell the brand new GoMaxGo-candy bars in our online shop.

The sweets are supposed to taste like Bounty, Mars, Snickers etc. and available in Germany for a few weeks now. Of course, they have aroused our interest as well. But there are two main reasons why we will not sell them:

1. The chocolate is not fair trade nor organic
2. The manufacturer in the US can not guarantee that all ingredients are 100 % non-GMO

Everyone who wants to know why we do not like the genetic engineering, please have a look right here.

We would be really glad, if GoMaxGo would take a closer look on their ingredients in the future, expecially regarding genetic engineering, fair trade labor conditions, and ecological aspects.

The ROC collective wishes you a wonderful week(end)das ROC-Kollektiv