Hard To Port – benefit shop

Hard To Port Benefit shop - these are the new shirts with a whale's fluke and the text 'whaler watching'

Basically we had the idea to start one of our benefit actions by the end of March and support Hard To Port in their fight against whaling in Iceland. But after very few emails this idea got bigger. As Hard To Port doesn’t have an online shop so far we agreed to print and distribute their “Whaler Watching”-campaign-T-shirts – at least during this summer. So far we have two colours: black and navy. For each T-shirt sold we’ll donate incredible €7.50 to Hard To Port.

We’re really happy to support Hard To Port this way, and we hope you’ll love the shirts. But of course, there are more ways to support the organization’s work: donations, equipment (it’s cold and windy out there), become part of the team, support them in Iceland – and, of course: spread the word!