It’s time for a new raffle!

Win a cycling jersey and a drinking bottle.

After soaking up the sun during the lunch break we decided to share our summer mood with you by giving away a cycling jersey and a ROC vegan cycling team drinking bottle.

Tell us in the comment section where you enjoy cycling the most.

The raffle ends on April 22nd 2016 at 2 pm CET.

Good luck!

Update 22.04.16, 14:30: The raffle is over and the lucky winner is: Manuel! (you can only find him in the germann blogpost :))

10 thoughts on “It’s time for a new raffle!”

  1. I enjoy cycling on roads I haven’t been on before, may it be a flat or a hilly course. But surley I’d love to ride a MTB on Madeira.

  2. I like cycling most in the Wendland region close to where I live, where you got a great variety of landscapes. Hilly roads with lots of ups and downs, between fields and forests from one typical Round village to another, the long climbs and and serpentines of the G├Âhrde and Clenzer Schweiz, the long, flat runs in open terrain along the banks of the river Elbe, possibly all the way down to Hamburg City.

  3. I enjoy riding both in the city provided the traffic has calmed down and on the country roads. I used to live on a hill and commute to work to a different hill, so nowadays I prefer to go to flatter areas.

  4. I enjoy cycling everywhere. Destination isn’t really important as long as I have my bike with me. I love riding so it doesn’t metter where I go as long as I keep on moving. I love exploring new places but I also love doing my well know training routes.

  5. For me the ultimate cycling spots (near me) are either next to a river or between fields. These places have low traffic, little shade and contain the most nature available in my area. (Belgium)

    Not near me, would be the Vosges in France where I went on my first bike tour last summer. Beautiful area. Also very importantly, there I can train climbing as I don’t have anything near as hilly where I live.

    As a relatively new cyclist I haven’t done too much exploring, so who knows what other great places might be out there. That’s one of the many reasons i love cycling.

    Thanks for this opportunity! The cycling kit is on my wishlist. ­čÖé

  6. Hey.. I enjoyed cycling around M├╝nster – Now I moved to Stralsund (yes, the city with the R├╝gen Bridge) and now fighting with bad roads and cardriver who dont understand what it means to be on the road with a bike. Unfortunately here is not that mass of vegan cyclist (I think I am the only grazy one), so I need to do some persuasion on the others. And what could be better that shiny green color on my body? ­čśë – Wish you lot of fun! – WR

  7. I enjoy cycling on lomg winding roads in the countryside away from the city. Anywhere where that I can enhance the exhilarating feeling of freedom.

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