New bag, Kallari Chocolate, Liberator Comics and Slingshot Organizers

Below you will find a list of our new products. But first, we would like to point out our very much reduced items in the SALE section. Due to our flooded basement this time, there is a whole bunch of shoes, bags, patches etc. We would be thrilled to get rid of these things quickly.

Liberator Trade Paperback Collection

Liberator trade paperback by Matt Miner

But now to a few new things we got in our online shop.
We’ve already mentioned the Liberator comics – now there is also a trade paperback that collects the stories of the first four issues plus 40 pages with more, party not yet released, stories. It is the story of Jeanette Francis and Damon Guerrero, two superheroes without superpowers, who are fighting for animal rights and animal liberation. The single issues 1–4 are finally back in stock – we were quite surprised that you were that keen on the comics.

Slingshot Organizer

Speaking of products from the United States – the Slingshot Organizer is also available again, as always in many different colors. It features an introduction to affinity groups, info on police repression and enough space for your notes, addresses and phone numbers. If you’re still into non-digital pocket planner, you will love this lovingly designed DIY organizer which can not be as easily checked by secret services as your digital organizer

Open cage bag from roots of compassion with a boy who frees a dove

New bag

Another great item is the new „Open Cage“-bag. It is made of 100 % recycled materials and was printed by the collective fairdruckt from Münster. Besides the long handy handle the bag comes with a button at the top end.
Until the last (bird) cage is empty!

New fair trade chocolate

And finally, we want to draw your attention to the new chocolate. Yeah, again a new one. But in return we will go separate ways with other sorts of chocolate.
So this time it’s all about the dark chocolate from Kallari. Have you ever noticed that there are just a few chocolates that are produced in the same country where the cocoa is from? And that the main production is taking place in e.g. Europe? That’s the point that distinguishes this chocolate from the others. Up to the packaging this chocolate is made by the Kallari cooperative in Ecuador. This means that the amount of money that otherwise falls into the hands of intermediaries (who buy and sell cocoa) stays in the hands of the cocoa farmers. Since this is unfortunately so rare, we found this fact as well as the smooth taste very convincing.
The disadvantage are the EU customs for the chocolate which are much higher than the customs just for cocoa beans. As a last consequence the chocolate is the most expensive one in our shop. We are excited to hear your impressions and opinions.