New belts, aromatic soaps and more

Vegan belts

19 new vegan belts with various designs. anti-fascist, pro-vegan, feminist etc.

In January we were full of creative energy! The result: 19 new belt-designs! Well, not all of them are new, but the idea to put them on belts was new to us ­čśë
Anyway, our belt range is way better now and you can choose between lots of anti-fascist, feminist, vegan and anti-speciesist designs. We’re sure that you’ll find your favourite, too!

all the vegan soaps from Suma

Vegan soaps from Suma

As you might know we try not to sell products with palm oil. There’s only one exception from this rule: products from Vio.Me. The workers there occupied their factory and decided to produce cleaning products on their own. It was important to us to support their struggle, although many products include palm oil. But our new delivery of soaps showed that even their soap bars contain palm oil now, too. That’s why decided to offer you another option …
We’ve already had our eyes on soap bars from Suma for a while – and now we took the opportunity and added them to our range. And not just two or three soaps, but 12 sweet-smelling vegan soaps, that are palm-oil-free, cruelty-free and hand-made in the UK! It always smells soooo nice when we come closer to the shelves with these soaps! Geranium & Rose, Lavender & Lime, Cinnamon & Orange, Peppermint & Pine, etc.

Logo of Vio.Me

New cleaning agents from Vio.Me

News from Vio.Me! They created new cleaning agents, which offer you increased efficiency! Oh, and they’re without palm oil!! So, there’s the new washing-up liquid, and a new liquid laundry detergent. It’s amazing to see how these products become better and more sophisticated, produced by people who made construction materials before. They have to organize, they produce and develop this stuff, and they have to fight for their factory that the former owner wants to take away from them – after he had abandoned it before without paying wages he owed the workers …

B12 and a new fridge magnet

You need a higher amount of B12? We can offer you a higher dose now: Jarrow Methyl-B12 2.500!
Furthermore, there’s a new fridge magnet: Vegan Power!