New in stock june

Time is running. Thats why we’ve almost got two month of new items. Hope you can stand it.


Shirts, patches, shoes

Katharina Rot’s interpretation of Liberate just made it on a shirt. As you know there were new hoodies in winter. But we thought, it might be helpful, if you don’t have to cut off arms and hood for wearing this in summer. So now, we’ve got shirts too. Kein Gott, Kein Staat, Kein Fleischsalat, a popular German slogan, which did it very fast from presentation to shop item completes our new shirt collection in may.
You may have seen our new patches No Border…, Dort kämpfen… und Respect Existance… which are online since may.
The Ahimsa High Top is the new one in our shoe-corner and completes the Ahimsa collection as a very ankle-friendly dude.

One book and one sticker

Until all are free describes more than 30 years of fighting for animal rights in the swedish Animal Liberation Front. More than 300 pictures and some interviews with activists are waiting for you. If you have a bike, maybe the roots of compassion vegan cycling team sticker is what your bike wants to have on its frame.


It is not that much this time. But the EcoMil almond cuisine is fantastic enough to be intruduced alone. It expands our alternatives to cream besides soy, rice and spelt and of course got its BIO label.

New in stock April