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Missed out on any of our recent product launches? This post will give you an overview of what is new.

T-shirts, hoodies, shoes

Not Food

Even though it’s springtime, it still might be cold due to heavy rain and wind storms that have been raging around lately. In times like these layered clothing is the best. Just wear our new Liberation hoodie with the Not Food or Someone not Something t-shirt underneath. The Liberation hoodie will keep you warm while you’re taking a stand for freedom for all human and non-human animals. Whenever the sunrays come out, someone will appear who has the same right to life and self-determination as all (human and non-human) animals do.
Also the new Trail Legend MK2 Sneakers from Vegetarian Shoes will make sure to take you safely through fields, streets, forests etc. and make you look chic and cool whether at running, walking or at your grandma’s birthday. The shoe has had a make-over and after testing it for several months, we can confirm that the quality of the sole has been improved. After six months the it still sticks where it belongs.

Chocolate and und dietary supplement

iChoc White Nougat Crisp

Huh? In one and the same category? Yeah, why not. If you don’t like chocolate, you might want to try out the new vitamin D spray instead. Just kidding.
Now the important facts: Vitamin D3 from Vitashine is now available in spray form. Whether you spray it on your food or straight into your mouth, it’s important not just to spray around but to seek medical advice in case of vitamin D deficiency.
When you are sufficiently provided with vitamins, why not tasting the new iChoc chocolates? You can choose between “White Nougat Crisp”, “White Vanilla” and “Almond Orange” or try them all. The chocolates are certified organic but unfortunately they are lacking a “fairtrade” certification. However, the statement of the company convinced us and therefore the iChocs are resting in our warehouse & waing to be packed and shipped to you.