New in the shop

Its been a while since we prsented our new products here. Especially in the last weeks we’ve listed a few new products we want to present you here. Just in is a sweatshirt (yes, not a hoody!) with everyones favourite print “Vegan means I don’t eat, wear or exploit animals” – and this time the colors are not as bright:

Bild des grauen 'Vegan means'-Pullovers von roots of compassion, getragen von Deni und Sania.

Also new and in the store since a few weeks – these three t-shirts as well as the raccoon t-shirt. Its a misprint, so its a bit cheaper, but you probably wouldn’t notice. And we also have a new shoe! The Canada Sneaker!!! A very soft and comforable vegan show from Vegetarian Shoes .



Freelax PinkelhilfeAnd now for something completely different. For sure some of you were annoyed that its really easy to pee standing up for some, while its kinda difficult for others. Especially on the road or at festivals, when the toilets seem to be a bit of a biohazard. But with Freelax
you’ll no longer have a problem!

Postkarte von Hartmut Kiewert mit einem Tiertransporter, der zerstört in einem Wald steht.More new stuff

Two postcards by one of our favourite artists – Hartmut Kiewert.

The documentary Der Prozess about the trial against animal rights activists in Austria.

Yummy savoury spreads from Hempwood and from the ecovillage Sieben Linden.

A few vegan basics – locust bean gum and soy flour

And for all friends of scrambled tofu – Kala Namak salt for that eggy taste or for the Scrambled Tofu seasoning mix.

Dog and cat food

Ami DOg und Ami Cat ProbierpackungenLast, but not least: If you’re thinking about feeding you cat or dog vegan, but you’re not sure if they’ll like the food, you can now order sample packs of Ami Cat and Dog. For dogs we now have Benevo chewing strips.