New prices

Maybe some of you remember that we raised our prices about a year ago and we explained it in our blog:

In addition to that, we’re in a situation where we’re trying to avoid all kinds of exploitation by selling only fairtrade products, but at the same time we’re exploiting ourselves by paying us very low wages. So we’re trying to improve this situation a little bit through this move.

Looking back, we have to face the fact that this improved conditions for us a little bit, but in combination with rising wholesale prices it didn’t have a very profound effect. It’s a dilemma – we want to make ends meet a little easier and keep reasonable prices in the shop, but as well show solidarity with the people that produce the products we sell.

After a long thought process we decided to raise prices from July 23rd. We thought about which products have a more informative character, and are necessary vs. products that are not that necessary.
Most DVD’s will keep the same price, as well as books. Meluna, condoms, toothpaste etc will also keep the same price.

But it’s a little different with a lot of other items. Don’t worry, action stickers will keep the same price. The vinyl stickers will be a little more expensive, as well as patches and buttons. Why? They look good and most of them have an important message, but they mostly have a decorative character. Every now and then they make others think (such as the t-shirts), but we think that stalls, protests, actions, books, magazines, etc are a little more important.
Fridge magnets will also be a little more expensive.

Our shirts will also get new prices. Clothing is a basic need, but fair trade and organic shirts without a print are available at lower prices. And a price of 24 EUR for a t-shirt and 30-40 EUR for jackets or hoodies are still at a very low level compared to other fair-organic clothing. And is a shirt still fair, when the people who sell it only get paid an income below the (german) living wage? Our aim is a wage level that will secure our livelihood, future and which allows us to satisfy our needs.

We might also raise some of the food prices such as chocolate, or convenience food. But since we want to support you to make your own food for cheap, we’ll keep soy products at the same price level.

We know that some of you might have a different opionion on what should be more expensive and what shouldn’t. You can be sure that this descision isn’t easy for us, but we hope to achieve other goals through this step:

  • we can donate more often
  • those of us that work at ROC full time have more free time through less work, for such things as local political projects. We have a lot of ideas!

We will raise prices on Monday, July 23rd. Until then you can still shop at ‘old’ prices.