New products of the last 2 1/2 months …

Yet again it’s time for an update on what’s new in our shop. We were able to spare the time to add some stuff to our online shop that was only available in our local veganladen thus far.

picute of the roots of compassion running jersey

Running jersey

Unfortunately our manufacturer has changed the cut of all jerseys so we now offer a running jersey without zipper and back pocket. Still looks fly, we think ­čÖé

Winter clothing

The new Liberation hooded jacket, dark greynew hoodie: light blueWe are more than happy to announce that our Liberation design is finally available on an ecological and fairtrade zipper. The zipper features a darker shade of grey than the former Hoodie but we’re convinced you’ll like it.
Furthermore we now have blank Hoodies available in grey (unisex/women) and electric blue. Eco and fair, of course.

Slingshot DIY Organizer, nice and colourfulOrganizers

Slingshot’s back!

English literature

While we published a book on how to live vegan with kids in german through compassion media, there is still a lack of literature on how to be vegan during a pregnancy. The Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide, by Sayward Rebhal, fills the gap and leaves no question unanswered.

In Plantation Memories Grada Kilomba, author and psychologist, explores the topic of everyday racism. Being a compilation of episodes approaching racism as a psychological reality, the book is a must-read for anyone studying African studies, postcolonialism, critical whiteness and psychoanalysis.

New stickers

a dead cow in a slaughterhouse. Why vegan? That's whya dead pig in a slaughterhouse. Why vegan? That's why.This is the one they use for the happy cows. This is the one they use for the others. The knive is always the same.a pig being transported. WHy vegan? That's why.animal parts in the slaughtherhouse. 'Why vegan? That's why.'

Winter Special

The winter is in full swing and it’s time for some sweets that will make you want for it to stay:

  • gingerbread
  • christmas scoop almond nougat
  • cherry bombs
  • spice nuts
  • apple cinnamon marzipan balls
  • almond chocolate cookies
  • marzipan balls
  • chocolate orange gingerbread
  • gingerbread hearts

Another winter product we’re quite proud of:
Booja Booja!


Lovechock - yummy raw chocolateWe are not really known for being total fans of raw sweets and chocolate, but some snacks we’re really keen of, so we decided to offer them in our shop as well. Among these: Lovechock in the flavors pure/cacao nibs, goji berry/orange, inca berry/pineapple und almonds/figs.
Also as an addition to our selection of fruit bars we now have lifebars in our shop. Some of us have already developed a severe addiction to lifebar chocolate, but apricot and coconut are also really good!

Icecream during the winter? Why the hell not! Making ice cream has never been easier than with instant ice cream by Biovegan, available in chocolate, vanilla und strawberry.

all products from biovegan and vitavegan that you can buy from our online shop

The same manufacturer brings you some other products that come pretty handy in making your own winterly candy, such as potash und hartshorn (for a fluffy dough), fermentation starter, mimosas, sugar sprinkles, nonpareilles and chocolate hearts.Aroma Zapatista coffee

And what goes better with a delicious cake than a good coffee? Now available in two varieties that go by the illustrious names of Fuego y Palabra and Intergal├íctico. The coffee is grown by Zapatista Cooperatives from indigenous communities in Chiapas, M├ęxico and it is imported under fair conditions and in respectful cooperation.

For the ones who are too lazy to make their own mayonnaise, we also recently added mayonnaise and remoulade to our online store.

There’s little doubt that B12 is essential not only for vegans but rather for everyone. However, the required dosage for children is naturally lower than for adults, which is why we’re now selling JARROW┬« Methyl B-12 500 ┬Ág (=half the dosage of the usual Jarrow’s).

Every once in a while you may wanna clean your apartment. So last but not least we’re providing a little help in this dreadful task, now offering bathroom cleaner, window cleaner and multi-purpose cleaning agent in practical refill bottles.

That’s all, folks.

Yours truly

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