New products – overview

Finally, here is a complete overview of our new products we’ve added in the past two months.


Through our publishing company we’ve released the catalogue of german artist Hartmut Kiewert. We’ve added two Posters from the catalogue – Wir verlassen die Erde and Sofa. In the future we’re planning to add even more art prints and posters. Be excited!

English books

Das Buch 'Cruel' von Sue Coe We recently added Cruel by Sue Coe, which is a combination of writings and paintings: the powerful paintings of Coe capture the incredible suffering of animals behind the pretty scenes of marketing campaigns.

The ALF SG Newsletter Juli 2012 includes, besides worldwide acions and letters from prisoners also a report about the Green Hill liberation and the fight against slaughterhouses in Germany.


With the new Vitamin B12 toothpaste from SANTE, you can easily increase your B12 level. The B12 in the toothpaste is absorbed through the mouth mucosa and regular use reduces a B12 deficiency and increases your B12-level. A study by the Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Magdeburg showed a 60% increase of levels after four weeks of use. Brushing twice a day can result in the absorption of the recommended dose of 300 micrograms per day.

Stickers from Herbivore

auf dem Bild sind einige Sticker von Herbivore zu verschiedenen veganen Themen zu sehen.Some are sold out already, but we’re expecting a new delivery soon!
Eating meat is fucking up the planet
Bacon had a mom
Wings are for flying, not for frying
Cow hugger
I believe in bikes
A little veganism never hurt anybody
Ride bikes, grow food
Praise Seitan


Leckere vegane Schokolade mit karamelisierten HaselnüssenSome new delicious treats:
Höllenkrainer from Vegourmet: hot!
Chocolate with caramelised hazelnuts: Nom!
Soja-Granulat from Vantastic Foods for your Chili etc.