New shoes, vegan dog food and a new documentary

Vegan Cheatah Sneakers from Vegetarian Shoes

Cheatah Sneakers

After having presented you a new shoe the other day, we added one more to the shop. This one is the Cheatah Sneaker which reminds us of a popular shoe by a well-known athletic footwear and apparel company. Of course the resemblance must be sheerly coincidental. Anyway! We are really fond of this sneaker – and hopefully so will you!
At the same time we have to discontinue the sneakers by Ahimsa, so there won’t be another resupply … But don’t be sad! There are plenty of other chic vegan shoes in our online store!

Sania, Juli und Simon wearing all the new colours of the Until all are free T-Shirt!

“Until all are free”-tees and “Open Cage” in fresh new colors

Oh the agony of choice! It’s always hard to pick a color which everyone likes. So now we just print our designs on different colors and hope there’s something for everyone. For example the Until all are free tees in black and burgundy.

Open Cage Tote Bag

Furthermore, you’ll find the open cage design on a navy blue tote bag. Unlike the old one it doesn’t have a button anymore but for that it’s way cheaper now.
The new outfit with shoes, tees and bags should be complete by now, right? Time to lean back and watch an interesting documentary – how about this one:

Wir sind alle §278a (in German with English subtitles)

The documentary Wir sind alle §278a revolves around animal rights activists in Austria who have been arrestested and faced a trial. This trial was not only against animal rights activism but about any activism in NGOs in general. Worth watching!

Vegan dog food

Nibble, nibble, gnaw, gnaw …

In case you’re getting a bit hungry now, make sure to check the latest flavor of the kvegks crackers: olives and herbs. So yummy!
And finally more good news for dogs. We have added further treats: chew bones, tubes, stickes and other snacks by both V-Dog and Benevo. Also new: V-Dog Crunchy Nuggets to fill up your dog’s bowl.