New stuff!

Before the year draws to a close, we have added some more produts to our shop. Especially in the food section a lot has changed, but we also have new bags and stickers. But check it our yourself!
picture of two new bags


We can not get enough of bags with prints and present you two new ones. As usual, these bags are made from organic cotton and under fair labor conditions by Earth Positive. The black Freedom bag, as well as the leafgreen „Wait wat you whaaat?“ bag. Both printed by the local collective Fairdruckt.


picture shows new designs
We’ve had the stickers by Herbivore from Portland/USA since a while now, the slogans remained the same, but the designs are fresh!

picture of D3 can

Vitamin D3

If you have problems with your vitamin D levels during these winter days, you can now prevent a lack of vitamin D through Vitashine D3. The vitamin is guaranteed vegan and certified by the british Vegan Society.


picture of winter range

The small winter range: We don’t know whether on december 24th you’ll be celebrating the birthday of Ricky Martin, Christmas or the beginning of a few days off. But even if you’re not in the mood after all, you can still try our delicious winter sweets which perhaps might sweeten the occasional chilly evening. And the beauty of it all: the chocolate is completely fairtade and all items are palm oil free.
This includes the chocolate Christmas man by MooFree, or the animal rights activist in perfect winter camouflage with a beard and coat, hohoho ;). Also from MooFree are the luxurious caramel pralines that are definitely worth their price. In addition, there are 11 small chocolate figures in the Zero Zebra Winter Wonder, the chocolate snow man from Plamil and crispy spelt wafer rolls with cinnamon. And even though it is probably too late now, we still have a few reduced advent calendars in stock. Uses the chance and order a few calendars! Because then you’ll be able to open multiple doors on multiple calendars, and honestly, isn’t that something you’ve always dreamed of? Depending on when the calendar arrives, it might even be possible to open lots of doors on multiple calendars at the same time! The calculation is simple: more calendars, more chocolate, more snow on the 24th, more sun in the summer, more happiness in this world, hallelujah ;). Here you’ll find all the winter items at a glance.
In addition to these seasonal items we have new spreads from the ecovillage Sieben Linden with flavors like wild garlic tomato, hokkaido-sesame-curry and beetroot-horseradish. Also new – instant pudding powder from the company Biovegan with almond and caramel flavor and finally the sweet Tubi’s licorice.
Abbildung der AufstrichgläserAbbildung der PuddingtütenAbbildung der Lakritztüte

picture of calendar

Slingshot Calendar

Hooray, finally, the new Slingshot pocket calendar is here and completes this year’s pocket calendar collection in the usual diverse and colorful way.