New Stuff!

Our product range has been enriched by a lot of great stuff lately. But see for yourself:

Accessoires: patches, magnets, flags and a new stainless steel bottle

New patches from roots of compassion There are five new patch designs available in our shop. And what’s even better: they’re printed on GOTS-certified cotton which is organic and fair trade! We’re going to print all our designs on this fabric, for now we have reprinted Support the ALF and Veganism on it.

Magnet with a pentagram made of forksder Magnet zeigt ein typisches Facebookdesgin, jedoch mit Veganschriftzug

Two well-known designs, Praise Seitan and Vegan Social Network have been added to our assortment of magnets. Also just in: Flag Antihomophobe Aktion and the flag “Antispezisistische Aktion” on dark grey.
As it’s getting warmer and warmer outside, we also thought it would be high time for a new stainless steel bottle featuring the vegan flower design.New flags 'Antihomophobe Aktion' and 'Antispeziesistische Aktion'New grey bottle with a vegan flower print We chose a filling capacity of 1,2 l so you can stay hydrated even on longer trips or walks.


New vegan chocolates from Vivani

We’re known for our passion for vegan chocolate and we want to keep it that way. Which is why we now offer the extremely delicate Vivani chocolate bars in 6 different flavors, for example White Nougat Crisp . Organic, fairtrade, free of palm oil, relatively low-priced and sooo yummy!
In Germany it’s quite common for kids to stop by a kiosk after school to buy some caries-causing candy with the hard-won pocket-money. Bringing back these memories, the new cola bottles by Vantastic Foods really left a lasting impression on us and will probably replace Biona’s version. Some of you may have wondered what happened to vegan parmesan. Well, wonder no more, and try this new Parmezzano instead!

Sheer Glyde Dams


Good news for oral enthusiasts who like to play it safe: Sheer Glyde Dams, featuring 4 different colors and flavors, are especially designed as a barrier for use during oral sex (cunnilingus/anilingus).
New as well: Sante vitamin B12 toothpaste without fluoride.

Picture of vegan fertilizer


Store-bought fertilizer often contains nasty ingredients like hog hair, blood or bones. Not this one! Our vegan fertilizer for flowers and vegetables is made of vegetable and mineral raw materials that are pressed to mini-pellets. It can be even used for organic farming and comes in a 2,5 kg package.