New stuff in our shop – June edition

New shirts, new books, a new DVD, new stickers, a new shoe, new chocolate bars, everything new, newer, newer than ever!


picture shows our new shirts

Summer, sun, sunshine. Delighted by the weather these days we’re starting this summer with a new summer collection and bright new shirt colors (as often desired). As always all shirts are organic and fairtrade and available both in a small/waisted and large/loose cut.

Vegan ist immer besser, German for vegan is always better. Does it need more words?
Another rather unserious design is Tofu mit Geschmack, German for tasteful tofu (kinda hard to translate because it’s a wordplay which I’m not sure whether it works in English).
We love deconstruction! Nous aimons la déconstruction!
Featuring some cute little raccoons who express their distaste for war and violence in a rather radical way this design has been created by Hartmut Kiewert, of whom you can also find an art catalogue, postcards and posters in our shop. Check it out!

picture shows the No Meat Athlete book, jersey and T-Shirts

No Meat Athlete – Jersey and T-shirt

Finally our translation of Matt Fraziers best-selling guide to eating a plant-based diet and running distances most people don’t even like to drive is in print and will hit German book stores very soon!
Correspondingly you can now promote the idea of vegan power (and endurance) with a new No Meat Athlete Jersey and cotton T-shirt.

picture shows the DVD cover. The head of a cow in front of  blue sky.

Live and Let Live – DVD

From butcher to vegan chef, from factory farmer to farm sanctuary owner – Live and Let Live tells the stories of six individuals who decided to stop consuming animal products for different reasons and shows the impact the decision has had on their lives. Waiving brutal slaughterhouse scenes the feature documentary examines our relationship with animals, the history of veganism and the ethical, environmental and health reasons that move people to go vegan and is therefore particularly suited for educational purposes.

picture shows our new stickers


The infamous designs Bacon Had A Mom and Cow Hugger are now available in a different color combination. We also reworked our vegan superhero*heroine.

picture of the hiking boots

Hiking Boots

It took us quite a while to find a waterproof hiking boot that is not only vegan and produced under fair conditions but also looks pretty neat. The Ranger Hiking Boot has a one-piece upper, sewn-in bellows tongue, Hydro-tex water-resistant lining, nylon mid-sole, dual density Vibram sole. Worn literally all around the world, these vegan boots are made for walking.

picture of our new cutting boards

cutting boards

Have a look at these two new cutting boards with vegan message made from beech wood.


Another valuable addition to our shop: The Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group Newsletter March 2014 features numerous letters from political prisoners as well as an article about life after prison, especially the associated restrictions.

sweet bars

picture of our new sweet barsAbbildung der neuen Schokoriegel
We have some new bars for you and for us 😉 First, there are two new Lubs flavors, namely strawberry and green tea, as usual, sweetened without any added sugars.
Chocolate addicts get their money’s worth with Mini Moo bars. Replacing the discontinued bigger bars, there’s now Mini Moos: Original Organic Bar (tasted like “milk chocolate”) and Mini Moos: Lily-Lu’s Minty Moo.