New vegan shoes, ‘Liberate’-Hoodie and other new stuff …

Oh dear! We’ve got a new beautiful hoodie and freaking awesome new vegan shoes in – and we totally forgot to write a short blog post … So here we go! Better late than never.

Liberate Hoodie

The new Liberate-Hoodie from roots of compassion - presented by Simon and BenjaLiberate! For the liberation of all human and non-human animals! In our opinion both human and non-human liberation goes hand in hand (and hand in paw/claw etc.) – we are convinced that the one is unlikely achievable without the other. This also means that veganism goes beyond diet, ingredient lists, expensive kitchenware and superfood (and consumption of beautiful hoodies). Our goal should rather be to end all kinds of exploitation!
By the way the image is made by the brillant Katharina Rot.
And of course the “Liberate“ hoodie is made of organic cotton, is fair trade and was printed with vegan colors.

Ahimsa Shoes

Ahimsa: new vegan shoes from Brazil - two styles available: sneaker and tenis.Through a tip from the lovely people from gruene wiese we came across a manufacturer of vegan, as ecologically as possible and fairly crafted shoes from Brazil: Ahimsa. Unfortunately it is still not quite easy to find pretty shoes that are both vegan and fair and without any synthetic materials, therefore non-petroleum-based. The sneaker and tênis from Ahimsa fulfill this criterion and made us fall for them when we could finally unpack them in our warehouse. See it for yourself!
We are aware that the shipment of the shoes from Brazil to Germany is certainly a flaw. So please let us know if you discover further terrific shoes that are vegan, ecologically produced, fair trade and also look great!


New in the reading corner: the Worldwide Vegan Special Edition of the xclusivex zine! This makes you not only well prepared for trips to cities like Berlin, London, Stockholm, Barcelona etc. but you’ll also get a couple of very exciting interviews.

Vego Bar

Now the only thing that is left is a tasty chocolate bar to nibble while reading. How about the small version of the super delicious Vego Bar? Vegan, fair trade and organic. Yum!