new year, new stuff

Luckily the end of the world didn’t happen, and so we used the last few weeks to add a some new products to our shop, here is a little overview:
picture of our mink hoodie

new hoddie

Consistent with the ugly seasonal fashion of furcoats, we present our mink hoodie (women/unisex), as an alternative to reality. The design by Matt Gauck makes clear that minks, foxes and other fur bearing animals derserve to be free and nothing else – until every cage is empty!





pink bag shows star paw fist motiveyellow bag shows image of Angelas Davis und the quote 'radical simply means grasping things at the root'

bags and buttons

Colorful as usual we’ve added two more designs to our range of bags, because colorful is the new green! With the flamboyant, yellow bag with a quote and the portrait of Angela Davis you can make a clear statement what it means to be radical! We can also offer the classic paw-fist-star design on a pink! Bag.



We added 7 new designs to our range of buttons.
still loving tofu button veganism button direct action saves lifes button herbivore button kein gott fleischsalat button planet earth


patches and stickers

A whole range of patches as well as two more stickers with our well-known ‘Vegan means’ and ‘Racoon’ designs were added.
picture shows new patchespicture of the stickers including the line 'vegan means I don't eat wear or exploit animals' sticker shows a comic racoon

Abbildung Posters evolution of revolution, zwei Menschen mit Bolzenschneidern, davor befreite Tiere


The main theme of author and artist Hartmut Kiewert is the Humal-Animal-Relationship. We already have a a few items in our shop. And with the new Poster Evolution of Revolution we just added a new, pretty impressive piece of art.





picture of burger mixespicture of burger mixespicture of burger mixes
Last year we’ve tested a few new burgers and couldn’t agree on a favourite, so this time we added 3 new burger mixes to our shop. All really easy to make, just add water, let it sit for a while and fry it. You can also add onions or other vegetables to make them even more delicious, but this could be dangerous since it make them dissapear even faster! And afterwards, no one wants to take the blame.

All the best from the ROC HQ!
The ROC collective