News August

And here is another round of celebrating our new articles in August. What’s new in our shelfs since June? Hm, let’s start with:


There are some new stickers. Most of the themes you may have seen on other items like meat is dead, open cage, refugees welcome, meat is murder or no border, no nation. But there is a wise man too, who’s got something to say: “You must unlearn what you have learned. Go vegan you must!”

Hoodies, Shirts, Caps

Some classics are now also printed on the stanley&stella shirts. This time we moved bacon had a mom und wait, you eat whaaat??? in large/loose from the old to our new cuts. The black liberation hoddie with white printing is also available in small/waisted. Awesome! And there is a new cap too. Some cap? No, a cycling-cap which should tune your vegan cycling outfit to the max. There is only missing a ROC bike. A ROC bike? Hm, let’s think about it.


At last there is a smaller size of the AmiDog dogfood. The bag has lost 2,5kg of it’s 15kg and now has a weight of 12,5kg. So you delevery-person has to carry less. Nice for him i guess and even the price is smaller. Also there is a new lovely design. Should be as much of interest for your roommate as the food, but maybe it makes you even more happy.