News in October

1. We have a new online shop!

As the result of a lot of work, we can proudly present our new online shop. At first sight you won’t see that many differences because we didn’t want to change our shop design radically. But there are lots of small improvements and hopefully you will realize them when you send your next orders.
Here’s an overview on what has changed:

  • Our display options have been improved: You can see more products and have them sorted according to your favourite criteria: e. g. price, name and size.
  • For some products, stock info is displayed, so you know how many we have left and whether you should order soon.
  • Data transfer within our online shop is now SSL-encripted. This means that your data is way more secure!
  • Finally there is an extra text field where you can type in your voucher codes. Makes life a lot easier, doesn’t it?
  • You can now pay for your paypal orders via PayPal Express which should be a lot faster and easier.
  • When you log in to your user account you can check your order status and also track your order when shipped via DHL. Your shipment confirmation email will automatically include a tracking link.
  • Wish lists: You can create a wish list! You can use the list as a reminder to yourself or share it with people who might fund your wishes.

Most of the changes related to our new shop system are only visible behind the scenes. That’s why we ask you for your understanding if there are some small problems at the beginning. Switching the shop system is a huge project!
Please contact us if there’s any problems or questions. 0049 251 1367890 or Thanks!

2. New T-Shirts, shoes, winter articles, condoms and more

 Our new shop system is not the only news you can be excited about: With our relaunch we’ve added lots and lots and lots of new products.
We have two new shirt designs! There’s the new “Wait! You eat whaaat???”-T-Shirt in green. Because we received lots of requests, we decided to not only print this design on unisex and women, but also on children shirts! In Paris we already got a lot of positive feedback. Our second new design: The “Meat is dead”-T-Shirt. For those of you who always wanted a white shirt.
Of course the new shirts are fair trade, climate neutral and made out of organic cotton.
We have a new shoe from Vegetarian Shoes which should be perfect for the many autumn days ahead: the Bush Boot, available in black and brown.
We also have a new bag: Veganism!
Remember our facebook survey on Glyde condom flavours? In our shop you can find the result: strawberry, blueberry and vanilla -strawberry is also available in narrow or maxi sizes! Of course we also have flavour-free condoms.

Other new items:

Winter Products:

  • Christmas Scoop Almond Nougat
  • Nougat whirls (dark chocolate)
  • Nougat whirls (rice milk)
  • Nougat hearts (dark chocolate)
  • Nougat hearts (rice milk)
  • Nougat Marzipan bar
  • Gingerbread
  • Cherry Bombs
  • Spice Nuts
  • Chocolate Christmas Wreaths

By the way: The sizes of the Meluna menstruation cups have been changed. They will be replaced gradually, so that some sizes and colours still have the old measurements and some have the new ones. What’s changed? The new models have a smaller diameter and are a little shorter but still have a larger capacity.

3. Carbon Offset

We did the math: From September 2010 until last month we shipped nearly 3600 packages and letters. That means that we will donate 360 € to the German rainforest preservation organisation Rettet den Regenwald e. V., to achieve carbon offset for the emissions our shipments caused. Thus we have saved 3 hectares of rainforest in Paraguay from its destruction with our donation! If you want to know more about our initiative, check out our carbon offset info.

4. Dates

22.10.2011 – Stuttgart fur free
01.11.2011 – Word Vegan Day!
26.11.2011 – veganfach Berlin – with a roots of compassion stall

If you want to share other important dates that you think might be relevant, just let us know!