News: May 2012 – Spring Collection 2012

Spring collection 2012!

Overview of the new shirts from roots of compassion

We got some new designs for you! Firstly, there’s the secret society of vegans. You might already have seen it: it’s from They don’t print it anymore, but we do:“SSOV women” and “SSOV unisex”. Join the Secret Society of Vegans!
Further, there’s the new “Veganism”-t-shirt, also available as women and unisex shirt.
Then there are two shirts you might have seen in our shop already. Because many of you asked for the “Until all are free”-design as a t-shirt – here they are: “Until all are free women” and “Until all are free unisex”. And the other one is our new racoon. It’s with german text, but maybe you’ll like it anyway.
Our friends at Herbivore created some designs we really like and now we are allowed to offer them to you as well: the first is our new “Cowhugger”-t-shirt. Of course, what you see here is meant as a metaphor – please don’t go and start hugging every cow you see. We suspect they wouldn’t like it.
And the second design from Herbivore is the “Praise Seitan”-t-shirt (unisex/women). As you will know, Seitan is also known as gluten or wheat meat, and we think this wonderful food should be praised everywhere!
Maybe you love seitan so much that you really think of joining the Church of Seitan? Here we go: the “In Seitan We Trust”-t-shirt is available now, too! And here’s the link: “In Seitan We Trust” unisex and “In Seitan We Trust” women.
Now, for those who think that these designs a little bit too dark – we also have a cute new one. Do you remember the blue sticker “Eat Yourself”? If you liked it, maybe you want to wear this message as well? This is the women shirt, and that’s unisex.
Okaaaay, now, this is number 9 and the last one. And again a german one. We are sure that you’ll agree with us, that only freedom is species-appropriate. That’s what our shirt says: “Artgerecht ist nur die Freiheit” women and “Artgerecht ist nur die Freiheit” unisex.


Visions of Abolition DVD cover

Soccer vs. the State by Gabriel Kuhn;
Prison Round Trip by Klaus Viehmann, a reflection on prison life;
Sing for your Supper by David Rodics, a DIY guide to playing music, writing songs, and booking your own gigs;
Self-Defense for Radicals by Mickey Z.;
Organizing cools the Planet by Hilary Moore und Joshua Kahn Russell – stories, organizing tools, provocative questions etc.;
Direct Action Report, a look back at direct action in 2011.

Visions of Abolition DVD

Visions of Abolition is a documentary about the prison industrial complex and the prison abolition movement.

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottle

Some time ago we listed a cool bottle with our freedom design which can be used for cycling, hiking, climbing and so on. For those of you who didn’t trust the Sport Cap we now have Loop Caps as well.

New food!

We already mentioned it: roots of compassion started a small vegan shop in Münster for all our local customers. Maybe that’s one reason why we have a lot of new food. Or is it just because we enjoy eating soo much?

Chocolate spreads

Plamil No Added Sugar
Plamil like milk chocolate

fruit confectionary

Fruit confectionary

Fruit Confectionary Strawberry-Rhubarb
Fruit Confectionary Cranberry
Fruit Confectionary Physalis
Fruit Confectionary Pineapple
Fruit Confectionary Dates

Dream Bars

Yes, we know, they are not cheap at all. But they’re organic, fair trade and handmade. And the returns don’t go into someones private pockets, but they serve for supporting the animal sanctuary “Antitierbenutzungshof” in Germany.
dream bars from vegantisch
Rice milk and soy cream
Rice milk and soy cream – crispy
Dark chocolate and soy cream – crispy
Dark chocolate and soy cream
Oh, the dark chocolate isn’t really bitter. It’s pretty sweet.

No-Muh Snack and sausages

In our local store we sell some other Vegusto cheeses, too. Online we can only offer you the fantastic No-Muh Snack.
And there are new sausages: Frankish style.

Picture of vegan animal food

Cat and dog food

Ami Cat 2 kg
Ami Cat 10 kg
Ami Dog 2 kg
Ami Dog 15 kg
Canigourmet soy free from Vegourmet
Canigourmet Wau from Vegourmet
Canigourmet Wuff from Vegourmet

Cleaning agents (organic)

Liquid Soap Dispenser
Liquid Soap 1 litre
Window Cleaner
Washing-Up Liquid

We hope you like all the new stuff and that you have some very nice spring days!