Order deadlines 2016, holidays and inventory in 2017

It’s almost December again! And many, many people order something online or send something to friends. It’s a really busy time for our package deliverers! And we’re sure that there are still many people who need their order especially before December 24th. Of course, we’ll do our best to send your order right in time. But the earlier you order, the better – because we can tell you what DHL tells us, but we don’t know if their calculations do always work out.

Note: In order to send your order in time it’s important when we receive the money for your order – this depends on your bank. Especially if you send the money from abroad it might be the best idea to use PayPal.
And please take into account how good the delivery in your country works based on your experience …

We need your money in the early morning of December 23rd.

Germany’s bordering countries
Please ensure that we’ll receive your payment until December 18th! (15th for Switzerland!)

The rest of Europe
We need your payment until December 11th – if you live in a EU-country you can even wait until December 14th!

All the other continents
Your order should be paid until December 1st.

We won’t work from December 24th to 26th. Some of us will be in the office from 27th to 30th to process and send your orders (a little bit slowlier than usual). But please don’t expect us to answer your emails very fast during this period. And everything will be better again next year!
On January 2nd we’ll take inventory (means: no customer service, no orders will be sent etc.), so in 2017 we’ll be back for you on January 3rd!