Order deadlines for Christmas and ordering around New Year’s Eve

When ordering please note that most members of the ROC collective won’t work after December 22nd. That means, we most certainly will process your orders a bit slowlier until January 3rd.
And please note that we’ll take inventory on January 2nd, so we won’t answer mails or calls.

Now the order deadlines … Every year sending letters and packages in December is a hassle (like all of this Christmas thing). It’ll be a lot work work to send all your orders, and the same is true for the package deliverers, who have to carry more and more packages each year. In the following you’ll find the deadlines based upon the dates given by DHL. Attention: DHL has many new employees in December, so it is even more probable that something goes wrong or your order might come late. The earlier you order and pay, the better. We just can’t guarantee that your order arrives in time when you order at the last minute (sorry!).

Note: It doesn’t matter when you place(d) your order – much more important is the day of payment receipt. When we receive your money differs from bank to bank. If you want to be absolutely sure we recommend paying by PayPal.

Dec 22nd in the morning

Germany’s neighbouring countries
December 17th!

The rest of Europe
December 10th (for EU-countries: 12th)

The rest of the world
December 1st. We urgently recommend payment via PayPal.

The best way to have no stress is: don’t take part in the Christmas-game. Enjoy your life while everyone’s bustling about …