Price increase of shoes

Some time ago we received an e-mail from Vegetarian Shoes in which we were asked to raise the prices for their shoes in our shop to match recommended retail prices. The same e-mail was sent to other wholesellers in Germany. We haven’t followed this instruction up to now, because in our opinion the RRPs are inappropriately high. Furthermore, a resale price maintenance is not allowed within the European Union.

However, to show that we’re ready to compromise on this matter and don’t want to discriminate against shops that have met these demands, we have decided to slightly increase our shoe prices as well. Nevertheless our new prices are still way below RRPs in most cases, because as far as we can see, a more drastic price advance seems unjustifiable and unfair on those who have little money but want to wear fair trade shoes of high quality.We think that our new prices are still fair compared to the quality and we hope to have found a solution that’s acceptable for all parties.