Win a roots of compassion t-shirt! The picture shows the five shirts you can win.

The weather’s becoming nicer again, the sun is shining, it’s warm outside and the birds wake you up earlier ech day …
So it’s time to take yourself outside and enjoy the weather! But as you’re taking a look at your wardrobe you suddenly realize that there are only two t-shirts left! But no worries – here’s your solution! Win one of our t-shirts – you can choose between:

the Not Food t-shirt,
the Someone Not Something-shirt,
our Nous aimons la d├ęconstruction-t-shirt
the classic Freedom-shirt or
the No Meat Athlete t-shirt!

We raffle three shirts. All you have to do if you want to win one of these shirts: Write a comment below including which shirt you want to win and why you’d like to wear it.
Three of you (including those who comment below the german article about the raffle) will be chosen at random and win a shirt. You can take part until March 29th, 11:59 pm. Afterwards we’ll contact the winners and find out which size and cut you need and where to send it …
Everyone except of us may participate in the raffle. There is no right of appeal.

Good luck!

Edit March 31st, 2015:
The raffle is over and the happy winners are: Linebee, Yps und Tanja H. Congratulations!

5 thoughts on “Raffle!”

  1. I would be so happy to win “Someone not something”-shirt. I like the message. It is powerful. If everyone would think like that, the world would be a better place for all of us earthlings.

  2. I like to win the “NOT FOOD” Shirt, because i like to spread the message that everybody understands….. NO ONE IS FOOD!

  3. I want to win the Someone not Something tshirt, because it stops people from being so disconnected from the meat they buy, and makes them more likely to empathize with the cows. It’s also a peaceful way of promoting non-violence. Plus, it’s super cute! ­čÖé

  4. Pretty hard choice, I must say, but if I have to choose, I’ll go for the one ‘Someone not something’.
    I’d really love to wear it so I can spread the message in this wecan’tlivewithoutmeat-country, but also wherever I go. Maybe someone will start wondering.
    I think it’s a great message and everyone should look at cows and all other animals as beings and not ‘food, ‘clothing’ etc.

    And thanks for this opportunity to win a shirt! ­čÖé

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