Rainstorm in Muenster!

Finally we’ll have a moment to give you a status update
As you might have noticed, Münster was hit by an extreme rainstorm on Monday. In some places it rained 290 liters per square meter, thousands of cellars got flooded, lots of trees got uprooted and even two people killed. We are all ok, fortunately, but the water has also found its way into our basement storage. While some of us came to the office right away, there was little we could do to prevent more damage. Among other things, hundreds of books, more than fifty pairs of shoes, hundreds of bags and many, many patches were flooded. But compared to others we were lucky since only part of our range is located in the basement and most of it is stacked on shelves and the water only stood about 15-20 cm high, whereas most basements were flooded completely. Nevertheless, this incident has caused lots and lots of extra hours and also hit us financially, since we are not insured against flooding. We can only estimate our damages at the moment, but they are quite significant. After our move all the still sellable products will be available in an extensive Sale.

Some impressions:

Our beautful compassion media stock - many books at the bottom were flooded Some of the shoes started to swim and so even the shoes lying on top flew into the water

All the books at the bottom lay in the water and are lost. Many shoes became wet, too, even those lying further on top. The rest of our basement looks quite similar …

That's how our vegan store looked like for some days - a place for drying everything.

We saved lots of stuff in the night when the water came and put them into our store to dry. It lookey quite chaotic, our vegan store.

We tried to carry everything that was wet or had to be saved from the water to our new warehouse

Luckily, some very nice people helped us, even in the night. So we yould carry everything that was wet or had to be saved from the water to our new warehouse. A big thank you to everyone who helped us!

We’d be more than happy if you’d support us with your orders soon, as we’ll have a lot coming up.
But of course there are a lot of humans and non-humans that face far more difficult circumstances. We hope to be on our feet again soon, so we can work on new projects and support others again, too!