Shipping costs – just another adjustment

We know: not even a month ago we adjusted our shipping costs. And now, with 2016 approaching, we have to adjust them again. Well, we don’t do it because it’s such a lot of fun (it really is not!), but because DHL decided to change a lot. Every country belongs to a group and for every group we have to pay a certain amount for a box per kg. Now they completely changed not only the prices, but also the constitution of these groups. It has become more important how far away your country is from Germany and if it’s in the European Union.
It’s almost impossible to say if shipping is becoming cheaper or more expensive now. It really depends on the destination. To some of them shipping becomes a lot cheaper, to others it’s cheaper for parcels from 1 to 5 kg, and to some countries everything is becoming more expensive. So: please take a look at our new shipping rates tables!