T-Shirts, Shoes, vegan dog food, stickers and more

T-shirts for a great summer!

Simon und Juli am Feld mit den neuen T-Shirts 'Shoot photos not animals'
Deni und Simon sitzen mit unseren neuen 'Every body is a beachbody-T-Shirts auf der Bank vor unserem Lager
Juli und Simon mit den neuen 'How much do you really love animals'-T-Shirts
Juli und Simon chillen auf der Bank und tragen dabei die neuen 'Herbivore'-T-Shirts.

Have you noticed our new T-shirts yet? If not, now is the time!
You know the deal: all T-Shirts are made of organic cotton, certified by the Fair Wear Foundation and printed by the Onbones Collective right here in Münster.

Ethical shoes by Ethletic

Red high cut sneaker from Ethletic

Fair Skater from Ethletic in green standing in the middle of a beautiful field

Fair Trainer from Ethletic. It's ocean blue with black cap, and it's standing in the middle of a flower field

New colors in our shoe selection! We added shoes by Ethletic to the store: the hi-cut Fair Trainer in cranberry red with a white cap, the low-cut Fair Trainer in ocean blue with a black cap and last but not least the Fair Skater in green. Plus, the previous low-cut Fair Trainer in ocean blue is available with a blue seam while supplies last.

What’s so special about these shoes you might wonder? They are produced under fair conditions in Pakistan, the cotton is certified organic and the natural rubber is FSC certified.

Low-cut vegan hiking shoes from ethical wares

Let’s go on a hike!

If you don’t like high cut walking shoes or if you’re going on a vacation where you want to hike but carry as little as possible you should check out the low-cut Kathmandu walking shoes by ethical WARES. These shoes are vegan, of course, and have a super comfy sole. They are made in Italy and available in sizes 35–48.

action stickers!

Roses are red, violets are blue. I want to smash Patriarchy with you.

Sticker asking: 'Did your food scream?'

The cove DVD

The cove is an insightful documentary about the dolphin slaughter in Japanese coast village Taiji.
After “Cathy“, one of the protagonists in “Flipper“, committed suicide in front of her trainer Ric O’Barry, he dedicated himself as an advocate on behalf of dolphins around the world. On the opposite site there’s a multi billion dollar industry that profits from the exploitation of marine mammals. What O’Barry discovers in Taiji is both brutal and shocking.

Fun between the sheets

Shouldn’t be missing. Which is why we added vegan lubricant and vanilla-flavored vegan dental dams to our assortment of vegan sex supplies (that up until now consisted of condoms and more dental dams). We wish you a lot of pleasure 😉

a pyramid of Vegdog cans

Vegan dog food

Fortunately there are more and more kinds of vegan dog food available! From now on we also carry cans by Vegdog in three variants: for adult dogs, elderly dogs and dogs who can be sensitive to food. Vegdog is a complete food, i. e. it contains all essential nutrients for dogs. To ensure this it was developed with vets.

By the way, this month we offer a discount on vegan snacks for dogs!

Vegan human food

Luckily there have been some new developments in this department as well. For example the incredibly delicious Nirwana Vegan by Rapunzel. Yum!

Jar of marigold voney

Also new: „Voney“ (vegan honey → voney) by Vegablum! You can use this vegan honey as a spread as well as sweetener for salad dressings, BBQ sauces, sweetener for tea or lemonade etc. Available as Daisy-Voney, Marigold-Voney and Dandelion-Voney with vanilla.

You people really seem to like vegan cheese blocks so we also included the corresponding slices: mild Jeezini Santi, hearty Jeezini Alpi and full-flavoured Jeezini Intens. From now on we also offer Jeezo Bianco, which tastes awesome in gratins, and a mouth-watering Parmesan alternative by Vegourmet.

Last but not least: soy medaillons are now also available in certified organic form.